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The rage


Today I suffered from a massive case of road rage and I wasn’t even on the road, I was in a parking lot!!!
After succesfully loading my children in the car and cleverly negotiating around rain and puddles. I attempted to reverse from the car space which was rather tight thanks to another rather inconsiderate parker. Only to be stopped by a very small  ratty car that appeared to have stopped behind me. Mind you I may have glared becuase I assumed that they were parking behind me and was blocking me, but I was unprepared for the ugly glaring dude who was throwing comments at me because he thought I was giving him no space to work with and to add to the insult his equally ugly woman is telling me " next time I should go up more". "WELL  WHATEVER !!!!!!" I just felt a rush of anger flyup to the brain and I wanted to yelll OK you idiot when you walk in my shoes for a minute then and only then are you allowed to judge me you ignoramus! Now was my thought processes necessary No! did it make me feel any better NO! because guess what I kept it all bottled up in my head, because at the end of the day who cares if some one I will never see again had the nerve to glare at me and judge me without having meeting me first. It didn’t stop the rage and the yelling and that went on in my head or the need to purge as I am doing now, but at least I feel bigger than them.
(By the way they weren’t really ugly.)    

Author: kidfriendlyja

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2 thoughts on “The rage

  1. Gayle, I saw you were online (MSN) and was going to say Hi.  Then when I clicked I saw your \’blog\’ (is it?).  You sound like me but nicer.  I wouldn\’t have put the last line about not being ugly.  I hope that wasn\’t at school 🙂
    I didn\’t know you were so crazy!

  2. Hi I happened to come across you blog . I felt rather noisy reading it. But it was so heart wrming. I would love tovisit. You sound like a beautiful person with wonderful kids Thanks for more insight  Susan

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