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Talking about ‘Queen Bee’ Lil’ Kim buzzes out of prison – Celebrity News – MSNBC.com

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‘Queen Bee’ Lil’ Kim buzzes out of prison – Celebrity News – MSNBC.com

Now isn’t it amazing the life of a celebrity!! You go to jail which is usually a bad thing and certainly mean the end of life as you know it. You do your time, you get out and then people forget about you. As you attempt to put the pieces of your life together.

But as we see with Martha Stewart and now Lil Kim it is certainly not so. They have done their time and have come out calmer, apparently saner and clearly even more popular than they were before they got in.

Frankly, I have always been a fan of both women so it works for me to see them wiser and kinder for the experience.

It sure does explain, however, why our children are not afraid of jail they see it as some sort of low-level hotel and not a place of incarceration. And that is bad because we need to fear prison and doing wrong. What are we doing to our children when they think that doing wrong

like stealing, fraud and lying would only result in a time-out


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