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Strangely enough I very rarely remember my dreams. I wake up and I have a fleeting sense that something exciting, exhilarating, charming, adventurous or kind of scary may have happened. But there is never anything that sticks in the brain for me to recall. Hmmm
Recently, however I have found myself jumping out of my sleep in a panic because I have not finished something that I was responsible for?! And my heart would be beating and I would feel all shaken. Last night was particularly wierd I had a vivid memory of the drawing of a floor plan. So it made me wonder could we be living a double live in our dreams? And maybe in my sleep world I am a secret agent involved in all sorts of exciting espiionage.
Hey it could explain why so many of us get out of bed tired. Hmmm just a thought.

Author: kidfriendlyja

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One thought on “Dreaming

  1. I have vivid dreams every night! I should write about them, there is a specific one that was scary and incredible!!!! I love dreaming…
    Read you later…

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