Wazhat! Wahzat!


As the day gets progressively more trying I decide to change my focus and talk about all the things that I am thankful about:
I thank GOD for:
Clean air. The ability to breathe
Beautiful hills lush and green with flowering trees. The ability to see them
Loud child like laughter complete with shrieks and giggles.The ability to hear.
Pain. The ability to feel.
For shelter. I have a roof over my head
For food. There is food on the table everyday so my children can eat.
Love. I  know Love
I thank GOD:
For my babies
loud, happy, laughing babies ( they will always be my babies)
For family- loving extended family
For the technology that allows me to speak to my sisters everyday even though we are thousands of miles away. ( the computer and the cellphone)
For my mother who even though she can be meddlesome is still my very best of friends.
And for my generous , loving father
For a husband who can be difficult, but who loves me and supports in all that I do and who thinks that I am sexier than the love Goddess Aphrodite ( go figure)
And strangely enough for Autism. It has made me appreciate my children more and love them more  if that is even possible.)
And I can go on…for good friends and great friends and mere acquaintances because they all make a difference, for freedom, for the peaceful life in my country and the one I live in, for football (World Cup 2006 was the BEST !!!Go T&T), Fabulous, Fabulous in-laws., Trini food
but most of all- life and the ability to enjoy it.
Thank you God

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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  1. Hi and ty for the kind comments. I think you sound like a lucky girl from what you write. Makes me smile. As for the World cup, did you know they were giving away T & T football shirts here because Scotland were supporting them big time. (6 of them play for Scottish teams) Infact the country came to a standstill when they played. They did their own country proud.
    Be safe.

  2. My, Your children are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now, if you can sit and write about all those wonderful things…your day must not be all that bad. You seem like a person who can always see the good in things. 🙂
    Your babies are gorgeous! My boy will still be my baby when he\’s grown…my cats are my babies too. lol

  4. I think you can copy and paste the score you got on the color quiz so that it will stay on your blog. I have never had the stuff you are suppose to copy and paste work for me. just highlight everything it says about your color including the picture, right click, copy, then paste it in a new entry. I hope that helps you out.

  5. Very beautiful…you are lucky! Your kids are soooo cute!

  6. just discovered your site today from a link on another site…what a wonderful list of thankfulness.  you have gorgeous children!

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