Wazhat! Wahzat!

I reached for my sparkly shoes today


Today I put on my sparkly flip flops. Because boy did I need to be sparkly. Mondays always roll on in and meets me in a fowl mood. So even tough I think they are a bit much and really, very silly. I figured some of the silliness must rub off and change my mean mean mood.
Well I them took off again, because my son’s shadow was still late (the person who goes to school with him to ensure that he get individual attention.) The receptionist at the speech therapist is still annoying. And with the traffic light not working. Everyone was driving stupid!! The children used up their ‘NO!’ privileges. And basically I was getting even meaner.
So maybe wearing them wasn’t such a good idea, but taking pictures of them sure did the trick. Because it brought a smile to my face seeing the picture of my feet in my sparkly shoes. Maybe seeing my feet all sparkly will work for you and help you beat the Monday blues or inspire you to do something equally silly. 
Heres to beating the Monday blues. And adding a little sparkle.

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “I reached for my sparkly shoes today

  1. Need to get my daughter a pair of those, she would love them. lol

  2. Love this!
     I used to have a red dress I\’d put on for the same reason on just such days…I wore it thread bear and had to toss it. I think it\’s time I looked for a replacement, maybe even in the form of sparkly flip-flops!

  3. I wear certain pieces of jewelry on days like that…if I\’m wearing huge, colorful earrings you can bet it\’s been a crappy day…lol.

  4. love the sparkly shoes!!

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