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Exactly what is goofy supposed to be?


Now this may be silly and just a little bit strange, but watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney recently it struck that I didn’t know what Goofy is supposed to be. Is he a dog, a strange looking mouse or some alien rodent? Now Mickey is clearly a mouse and likewise is Minnie. Donald and Daisy are ducks, but Goofy is really not clear. Am I really the only person who this strikes as strange?!
What do you think dog, rodent or pig?
( You have to excuse me I have two children under the age of 6, Disney is all I watch 🙂  Plus have always been a big Mickey Mouse fan.)
Hope a good weekend was had by all 🙂

Author: kidfriendlyja

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9 thoughts on “Exactly what is goofy supposed to be?

  1. I asked myself the same question. Then I asked my husband, who is the BIGGEST fan of Goofy.  He looked at me with an "are-you-crazy" kind of face and said: "he is a DOOOOG"…ok, so IT is a dog 😉 hehehe…
    Thanks for your comment, it was very touching. And I just added you to THE list 😉 hahahaha!!!!

  2. Cearly a dog.
    And the worst part of my mosquito bites is that I wasn\’t wearing short shorts 😦

  3. I love the randomness of your posts. They delight me.

  4. I have always thought Goofy was a dog… but I never understood why Mickey had a pet dog, Pluto, as well as a friend who is a talking dog.  Doesn\’t make much sense, does it?

  5. Goofy is a \’goofy\’ of course. Its a bread of animal that everything it touches goes wrong but is still going to be loved for what he is anyway.
    mumbles as he walks away  "can\’t believe they dont know what a goofy is…………"
    Hugs fellow bloggy
    Oh and like V, is it ok to add you, I have also to rumage through old comments to find ya.

  6. Must be a dog…but Pluto is a dog….hmmmmm….I don\’t get it

  7. Yes when you get round to creating a list you can add me lol.

  8. Not sure what Goofy is, but I guess it\’s fun for the kids to use their imagination.  What do they think Goofy is?  The general consensus here is that Goofy is a dog so I guess Mickey had two dogs.  Hhhmmmmm, that\’s ok I guess (smile).

  9. Thank you for your very kind words and your all your prayers for our friends.
    We are doing splendidly. I really love my simple, sweet little life!

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