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Me….a Drive about Mum?!


A few months ago (three months to be exact) I made a decision to leave my job as a graphic designer/head of the art department in an ad agency to be a drive about Mom. It was a decision I thought long and hard about. But in the end my children needed me and I took the leap. I do not regret the decision because I am seeing the difference in both my children. They are thriving. Yeah!
It has, however, been a different kind of experience. After being the main bread winner for seven years, it is now odd not even contributing. I can’t wrap my mind around having to ask for money, I haven’t done that since I was 19 and even then I still had my own savings accumulated from summer jobs over the years.
I have also been shocked, appalled even, at me and how indisciplined and structureless I can be. I find that once the children are dealt with, ie played with, fed, entertained driven to schoool and the various therapies I very easily slip into couch potato mode. I have always loved the tube, but GEE this is ridiculous. I thought I would use the new spare time that I have to do some art-painting, drawing, crafting. Start my own at home business… bake some more. Sew!. I have all these ideas and I have realized no zeal to get up and do. Terrible
I realize that it has been only a short while since I have been home and prior to this my life was HECTIC. I was constantly on the go both physically and mentally. No time for anything but work.  So I have been consoling myself that maybe I just need to unwind and give my mind and body time to adjust to this new way of life. Maybe it is so.
At least I can be proud that my babes are enjoying the fact that I am a Drive about Mum!

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7 thoughts on “Me….a Drive about Mum?!

  1. I have been at home since I became pregnant and now I don\’t know if I could go back to work. I was going to try and find something to do to make money from the house, because I feel strange not bringing in any money also.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for stopping by my site.  I\’m with Tonya.  I stayed home after my son was born.  I love being home with him, but I feel guilty sometimes at the pressure on my husband to provide.  I wish that there was something I could do from home that would help out and bring in money.  Too bad you can\’t get paid for blogging!! 🙂 Talk about a dream come true
    I also find myself watching too much tv, shameful isn\’t it?

  3. I don\’t have any kids but I think it is important to be there for your kids.  I consider it a blessing that you have the opportunity to do that. My mum stayed home with us and I appreciate that a lot – I think it really makes a difference, as you can clearly see.  As for the tv (smile), you just need to chill out from your previous hectic lifestyle.  I am sure at some point you will get tired of doing that all day – I hope (laugh)!

  4. Hon,
    I went thru the same withdrawal. I worked fulltime since graduating college and up until a year ago was part of the fast track and mindset that is NYC. Imagine me, a workaholic, coming to a standstill to be a stay at home mom. HA! I was utterly miserable. But in the end, it all worked out. My kids are happy, I am happy (I never realized how miserable I was doing the 6.30am to 7.30pm thing).
    Once I got my routine in order, got schedules set up, I started on me. Got into arts again etc.  You\’ll work it out.  Just give yourself time.
    As far as asking for money, girl, I have no problem asking for it. I too was very independent, still am, but like you, managed my own affairs from a young age, and now all of a sudden, I\’m asking for a twenty here, a twenty there? Well, I had to get over it and actually now I am the one that manages the money in the house. I gave myself that honor, for my own sanity and selfworth 🙂  My husband makes the money, I dole it out. Ya gotta love the power!! lol…
    Anyway, hon, I know it will all work out and thanks for browsing round and sprinking my space with your kinds words. I appreciate it!

  5. Hello,
    I found your space through Yellow and you have a really great space here.  It is great I am sure to be a stay at home mom and your kids I am sure are loving it.

  6. I love, love, love the that I get to stay home and I so appricate that my husband loves it to. Neither of us would have it any other way…
    Thank you for the teething advice. You are so sweet. I am sure it will prove to be very helpful!  

  7. I was home for B\’s first two years…and I loved it. I wish I could still do that. Kind of hard to do though when I\’m the only one making money. 🙂

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