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A genuine act of kindness


I stumbled across this blog today
and was challenged to actually put this next entry into blogland.
Last week my best Jamaican girlfriend came back from Abu Dhabi for the summer vacation with her children. She has been away for 6months.
Naturally I rushed over to see her and family and ended up taking her out to run some errands. On one of the stops we were so taken up in the chatter that I never even realized it, but scrunch I had reversed onto an embankment, one of my wheels was literally spinning on air. In a borrowed car no less (I have no a/c in my car and it was too hot to think much less drive). Of course, I panicked and we looked around for any one to help and at first there was no one. I  silently wondered- God what am I to do?
Then this car drives up, a guy steps out and asks are you ladys ok.? And I am like NO we are stuck !!!!
And he calmly comes over to the car, looks over the situation,  asks for the jack, moved around some stones and got my car off the embankment. No chats , no lyrics  And then when I asked him what he wanted in return his response- I just like helping women !!!  And he said have a good day and left. I was shocked because I have found in recent times that most people want something and nothing is ever for free. BUT I was happy to catch a glimpse of the good side of humanity and that I was able to partake in such a genuine act of kindness.

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11 thoughts on “A genuine act of kindness

  1. Such acts of kindness is rare and few between. God bless him!

  2. Isnt it refreshing when things like this happen. In a world where its mainly about me me me, or whats in it for me, there are still those who see life simply, simply being able to help. Thats a pretty big reward I think.
    Hugs to you my pondering bloggy friend

  3. Thank you for stopping by and your very kind and wonderful words about my pictures. You have a great space and I\’ve enjoyed your pictures. I think if I lived in Jamaica I\’d never put my camera down. It\’s truly beautiful there.
    What a great guy to stop, help and expect nothing in return. Too bad there aren\’t more people like him.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and a fabulous week,

  4. It is truely rare to find nice people out there anymore. That is wonderful that he helped you.

  5. Just a little note to let you know about my new space!

  6. You are right…I will be careful, that\’s why I\’m not sure if it will work out for me to have two spaces!!! :S I\’ll try it out…
    …and you were my very first commenter!!!

  7. Nice to know that chivalry isn\’t dead.  Although sometimes I think it is on life support  <wink>
    As for your frustration definition.  My wall and I have intimate conversations. It assures me of a good listener!

  8. Hi Wahzat!
    Thank God you or your friend were not hurt!  That\’s the important thing.
    Some people are wonderful. That guy is surely one of them!
    lol @ the spousal comment .. you were the only one to mention that line of mine .. lol.
    My site is in the running for a Best of Summer blog in the Humor/Satire category. Your vote consideration would be great. The voting is at http://KagReport.com/

  9. Thank God that guy came by when he did!  I think there are still good people left on this earth – they are just few and far between.  Glad you both made it out ok – what a nice guy!

  10. what a wonderful thing to happen.. God\’s angels.. they are always around us..
    thank you for visiting me back at Essence
    and for your comments..
    I was in here the other day.. thought I had made a comment.. but don\’t see it.. seems like I have done that a couple of times this week when visiting others..
    I fear this heat has melted my brain..
    your so lucky to live by the ocean.. I used to at one time.. miss it..
    hope your day is soft.. ~Hope 

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