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The Power of NO!!


My children have embraced the concept of no! THey love it. They think it is a language on its on. I have had sentences put together with only NOs. NO no no NO I don’t want it NO!
It is a one sided affair.
I could carry on an entire NO sentence and guess what it falls on deaf ears. And I am usually blessed with the sweetest of smile and a little devil continuing on with whatever mischief was being played out.
The conversation went like this:
Me: Babes go wash your hands
Babes: NO! I don’t want!
Me: Stop painting your body! Come on paint is for paper not for your hands!
Babes: No… leave me!
Me: You are getting it all over your face
Babes: NO! I am not!
Me: GO wash your hands
Babes: NO!!!!!
Babes: NO I don’t want It!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The Power of NO!!

  1. Those pics are too cute! Your daughter definitely seemed like she was having a blast so "no" would have been the appropriate response to anything you said to haul her away from her fun.  Hope you made it through the day in one piece (smile).

  2. OMG how adorable!  LOL.. when I work with kids who aren\’t speaking it never fails that their first word is usually "no".  
    Why does it take them so long to learn other words? lol
    thanks for sharing these darling pics.

  3. She is gorgeous! Really how could you say no to that darling little " devil"…:)
    I love your perpective on life. It is refreshingly real!

  4. She\’s a cutie.  Conor has a mind of his own too and is starting to say no to me.  Or he puts his hand over my mouth and tells me to hush!  lol. 
    I wish I lived near a beach!! 😦  I so want out of the heat.

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