Wazhat! Wahzat!

At last the rain!


Yipee! it is raining….there is an instant coolness emanating through the place. At last I feel cool naturally no ac required. It has been too hot recently. The place needs to be cooled.
I hate it when it rains though. Yeah I know this is shocking given my last paragraph.
To me rain seems like the earth is crying. Have you ever really looked at rain drops? They are like giant tear drops without the salt. It makes the place all gray, dark, wet and soggy. Your shoes get wet as you step into the puddles. If you left home without an umbrella or a raincoat  you will get wet. And if it rains for longer than a day then it affects your bones and you feel cold.
I could never live in places like England or Seattle because I would be forever depressed. I am a sunshine girl.. I need it… I depend on it to keep my moods upbeat. I swear I am the only person who wakes up if it is raining. Most people would snuggle deeper into their pillows, sinking into an even deeper sleep. Not me I am awaken by it and find it hard to get back to sleep.
On the flip side-I can also see the virtues and beauty of rain. Of course, we all need rain to survive, plants and trees need it to grow etc. It is beautiful to see the plants and grass stand tall after a good shower. The place looks clean, lush and green. As the rain starts to fall if you look carefully you actually see the flowers leaning towards the rain. Fascinating.
Yet even though I would never ask for it to stop. I have to say I hate the rain.
Yeah the sun is coming back out again… maybe I’ll see a rainbow.

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13 thoughts on “At last the rain!

  1. Did you find your rainbow?
    Rain does have several redeeming features and if  those of us who live in the Seattle area don\’t spend the majority of our energy focusing on that, we\’d all drown ourselves.
    Therefore my motto since moving here is:
     " You can only get so wet."
    In our family we have this policy we don\’t let the rain stop us from doing anything…picnics (even if they end up being car picnics) swimming, walks…and even though I don\’t like the rain, I have learned to love it instead.

  2. I love it when it rains and cools everything down.  I can\’t handle it for days at a time though.  I don\’t like driving in it.  Especially in Vegas. 

  3. Chelle 🙂 No rainbows yet!
    Siobhan- that is absolutely something that I dislike. Driving in the rain, this is beaten only by driving in the rain at night.

  4. The good thing is that after the rain there is always a rainbow, no matter if we can see it or not 😉
    PS: I\’m still camping…I came home for the day to do some laundry :S

  5. I love hearing the rain and watching it. For some strange reason I love thunderstorms. The rumble of thunder and the flash of lightning, there\’s just something magical about it!  But after it is gone and the sun comes out it is so amazingly beautiful! Don\’t get me wrong though, I love the sun and clear days, just to relax in a chair outside, (if it\’s not to hot, but it always is) with a glass of cold sweet tea or lemonade.

  6. I absolutely LOVE the rain.  In S. Lousiana it rains briefly almost every afternoon in the summer.  Not all rain has to be sad, and in recent years I\’ve learn to appreciate it after living in a place where it almost never rained.
    My two cents. . .feel free to disregard.

  7. I have to say, I Love the sun too, but equally the rain.  I never carry an umbrella (unless it\’s absolutely necessary – like on my way to a big meeting in a fancy suit) and enjoy the pleasant feeling of drops on my skin.
    Thanks for coming by, I enjoy your comments.

  8. Please send all the rain to Texas and I will send all our sunshine your way.  How soon can you get the rain here (smile)?  I love the rain!  It just makes everything so green and beautiful.  That\’s one thing I hated about living on the island of Antigua.  It was so dry and everything was always brown.  Jamaica and St. Lucia, on the other hand, is always lush and green – priceless!

  9. I have to say, I love the rain. But not cold and rain. It has to be a spring rain. Something that is very cleansing about a nice rainfall.
    Now about the beach. Girl, join me would you? I love the beach. I love it so much, I did a post on it.
    Can never get enough of it.:)))

  10. I\’m almost back home, just a note to say hello…

  11. Thx for popping by and saying hi!
    Last January, our first winter in Seattle, it rained for 32 or something days straight – it was awful – I came from a colder winter climate with snow, but the sun always shone so I was never sun deprived until last winter….terrible.
    Sunny winters NOT to be confused with Jamaica tho – lol!

  12. I hate rain myself – it ruins my hair 😛
    I only love rain when its sunny out and it just starts to rain while the sun is out…so warm – so refreshing!

  13. You better not move to this part of the world then. lol. Although I think the impression of the UK is bleak, it is for the most part bright and beautiful.
    (We have to tell ourselves this)

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