Wazhat! Wahzat!

I feel lucky


Now don’t yell at me!! But I am blessed!
Today once again I realized how lucky I am or if you want– How spoiled I am.
I took a moment today to once again acknowledge the paradise that I live in. As I  look outside my window the sun is shining down on the beautiful lush greenery and every thing is bright. ( I couldn’t live anywhere other than in the Caribbean.)
 I am sipping on mango juice that my housekeeper has made for me! Yes, I have a housekeeper who does all the things that I hate to do like washing, cleaning and ironing. She allows me to spend more time with my children…. ok so she is one of the reasons I am spoilt. I could do all of the things that she does, but it is not fair to take her out of her job just because I decided to change my job description. Well that what I think anyway.
Ok so I’ll go back to the mango juice. How many people can get fresh mango juice without having to go to an exotic restaurant. Or live in a place that isn’t war torn. I don’t have to dodge bullets when I walk down the street. (Ok there is crime, gang violence and such senseless ignorance.) But I am safe with my roof over my head. My children are fed and growing and honestly that accounts for most children here in this land and my land.(talking education now that’s a different matter.)  And I am lucky that my husband has a desk job and doesn’t ever have to learn how to fire a gun.
I raise my glass of mango juice in salute to all those fathers and sons heading off to the war in the US. For all those poor Lebanese who have lost their lives and for those who are still alive. And I salute my land and this land. Here’s to sipping mango juice.

Author: kidfriendlyja

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9 thoughts on “I feel lucky

  1. mmmm mango juice, I wish I had some right about now, I love mangos!

  2. Fresh mango juice?  Brilliant!  Housekeeper?  Even better!
    I raise my glass to the solidiers as well even if I don\’t support the fight in Iraq politically.  The situation in Lebanon is very hard for me to watch.  I have many Lebanese friends and it\’s hard for me to support Israel right now.  Beirut was just getting back on their feet.  (I don\’t support Hezbollah.) 
    Anyways, nice entry.  Here\’s to finding a bit of happiness and peace in our respective parts of the world.

  3. Cheers!  I raise my glass to all the military men and women.  It\’s a very tough job (sigh).  I cannot even watch the news stories – it\’s all just too sad.
    That mango juice looks yummy.  I actually get mangoes here in TX but I am too lazy to make mango juice.  I prefer to just bite down into that juicy flesh…..hhhmmmmmmm
    Here\’s to life……all over the world.

  4. *clicks your cup with her cup of grape fruit juice*  Here\’s to the men & women every where giving their lives so others can experience freedom.
    Lovely entry – I\’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled throughout the Caribbean when I was a travel agent.  I\’ll always remember how blue/green and crystal clear the water is! *sigh* 

  5. Its always nice to see people happy in their surroundings and with their lives. In this day and age that can be sometimes oh so rare. I agree that we should embrace what we have, however little or however much.

  6. My dad gets Mangos from Pakistan – so sweet and delish! I guess I\’m kinda spoiled – I have a mango shake/slices/salad/smoothie whenever I want…mostly on Sundasy though 😀
    As for the guestbook response – I\’m trying to get a response!!
    You cracked me up hard when I read that.

  7. I envy you…I miss fresh mango juice prepared by my friend Mirtha (our housekeeper in Venezuela)…

  8. Yummmmm.  That really is a blessing.  The biggest blessing is having the time to spend with your kids, though – that\’s just really cool 🙂  Here\’s to continued blessings!

  9. aahh mango juice! how delightful…i miss that life in Jamaica. Here in FL it\’s similar, but so not the same!
    I took my husband to JA last summer for his first trip there. He is now in love with our island! Can\’t wait to visit again.
    Cheers to island living!

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