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Just call me- Mummy the Balloon Torturer


Here I was thinking I was so smart! Picking my children from summer school or camp as we call it. I skillfully tied the two balloons that they had gotten to the insides of the car… .We had too many instances of those frisky balloons flying out of windows or ribbons slipping through tiny fingers. My son actually thinks its cool to free his balloon so that they can be one with the sky. My interpretation not his.
Anyway so we drove off and from the back I hear a shriek and this very uptight voice saying
I look at my daughter in the rearview mirror because we don’t have an suv and I know she can see her balloon a few inches away. Feeling a bit smug  I say to her
Look your ballon is right here!!
As if on cue the wind takes the balloon and suck it outside. I am sure you all heard the scream, as the balloons danced happily in the wind.
My Balloon! My balloon! Her sweet face all red and contorted, you could see her tonsils.
Now am I a bad mother because I start to giggle. I stopped the car and rescued the escaping balloons. Rolled up the windows partially and off we went again. Of course, as we started to drive the ribbons, of which there were miles and miles, decided to take a turn with the wind and now my hysterical daughter is beside her selfwith anguish. SCREAM!!!
Now I am bubbling with laughter. I pulled over again and resuced the ribbons and this time I rolled the windows all up , which of course caused the orange balloon- my son’s own to pop rather violently ( probably should have freed it when he wanted to) and it was then only then that peace was restored in balloon land. Balloon made it home safely and proudly sways attached to the stair railing. But hence forth they shall call me Mummy the Balloon torturer.
Have a great Weekend
LOL The naughty Mummy!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Just call me- Mummy the Balloon Torturer

  1. So funny the things that make kids crazy!  I hate balloons–the popping thing is very unsettling.

  2. Yup………the popping thing is NEVER a happy thing.  Well, sometimes I giggle.  It just makes me smile thinking about all that "pulling over" you were doing.  Takes me back to the days I was raising 3 boys.  Lord……..I\’m glad they are grown!  Hugs….MT

  3. you are a good sport! pulling over to get the balloons.
    it\’s really nice when kids outgrow that hysterical thing, when things go wrong….but…they out grow some of the things that come with it too. *sniff*

  4. Too funy…..Thanks for making me smile.

  5. oh, I forgot…can I add you to my list of favourite bloggers of my new space too???

  6. I actually love popping balloons, but whenever I did, I would have to suffer the wailing of one of my nieces or nephews.  I am a bad aunt (laugh)!
    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

  7. Something about the sound of a ballon popping drives me nuts! Even when I am expecting it to pop I still jump about 10 feet!

  8. Cruel cruel mum lol.
    What you will do for a balloon.

  9. That\’s very funny and sad at the same time! I have the same problem. When we were having the baby shower for my grandchild, I bought balloons the morning of, so there would be no problems with deflating etc. Well, 6 popped on the way there! I couldn\’t believe it, good thing I bought extras just in case…..
    Love, Laura

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