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Emancipation day- August 1


I should have posted this yesterday, but I thought my site was down… but no this is how it is supposed to look. So I guess I’ll have to proceed even though I dislike the new look of MSN spaces.
Yesterday, August 1st, all through out the Caribbean we celebrated the day assigned to the emanciaption of slavery. For my family and myself it was a lovely lazy day. This made me think about those days when there was no freedom. If slavery was still instituted then we would have slave masters to answer to, no wages , suspect living conditions and work work work. And definitely my family would not be as I know it now.
Honestly I personally have no stories of slavery. I am sure somewhere in my history someone of my people must have been enslaved, but if I go as far back as my great great grands no mention of it. BUT that has not stopped me from being aware of slavery and all that it entailed. In the Caribbean we all have to do it in history classes. And people still speak of the ill effects of slavery and the impact of it on today’s Caribbean people (and through out the world). As early as this weekend my husband had me in a lively debate about the black colonies owned by the English versus the French. His theory was that the English had better control over the Black colonies than the French and that is why the English colonies are so successful and you can never hear about any successful French colonies ( He used Zaire now known as the Republic of Congo as example.). And he went on to say that Black people can’t run black people, (He is black) citing Jamaica and it violence and corruption. And that made think that until we all let go of that sort of thinking then we as a people would never be able to proceed.
I think the great Bob Marley says it best:-
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
Cause none of them can stop the time
How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look
Some say it’s just a part of it
We’ve got to fulfill the book

Won’t you help to sing, these songs of freedom
Cause all I ever had, redemption songs, redemption songs, redemption songs

( this is an exerpt of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song)
Happy Emancipation Day ( even though it is a day late.)

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8 thoughts on “Emancipation day- August 1

  1. Oh How I love the subject of slavery…not! I can debate endlessly on the effects etc…but I\’m do debated out already, I hate to go into all that again… Oy!
    Now girl, you know you mentioned something on my space…SEAL!!!! Now that is someone I can talk about 24/7.  My space buddies are well aware of my fascination with this fine specimen of maleness… I make no qualms about it, I am marrying that man, as soon as my husband and his wife decide to hook up. How screwed up am I?
    Yes, Seal, I say, was God\’s prototype for the perfect man. I just melt.
    My husband is convinced it\’s because he sings so well. I couldnt care if that man never sang another day in his life. I\’m just here for the eye candy…HA!! But I still have all his music though…lol…
    Now, about the feng shui…it was easy, yes. I just followed some guidebooks, etc. But now that the kids are here…I\’ve had to shift a few plants etc, add barriers…so my chi is a little off.  *sigh*
    One day it will all come together.

  2. Hey, I did remember emancipation day yesterday – it was a holiday that we always looked forward to at home because it was a big beach picnic day.  Before, we celebrated it on the first Monday in August, but the new government changed it to August 1 saying that this was the actual day. 
    Yeah, we could debate the effects of slavery forever, but I concur with Bob Marley that what we really need is to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.  It is good to know our history ("A people without the knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots"), but we have to use that history in a positive way and to better ourselves.
    Ok, I have taken up enough of your space.  Hope your day is a good one!

  3. I am sorry about your site…it seems, from what I have heard,  that different spaces have encountered different problems…truly disturbing and I hope the kinks will somehow be unkinked and soon!!!!!!
    Excellent thoughts on Emancipation Day. Thank you.
    You are such a breath of fresh air…

  4. Great entry with some interesting perspective for me to learn from.
    I really enjoy your photos.    I love the orange hands!!  Adorable.

  5. It is true that we allhave to learn to let go the past to go forward positively. There is far to much referring to what happened to ones ancestors and blaming what happened on things nowadays. Remember yes. Celebrate yes. But dont let it cloud judgement today.
    Glad you enjoyed your day.

  6. Hello There!
    It\’s always nice to meet new friends on here, and your space is so very lovely! Jamaica?!!! It looks gorgeous there! Thank you for such a lovely comment. Your two children up there are just absolutely gorgeous! I\’ll definitely  have to come back and visit 🙂
    Lots of Love to you and May God bless you today

  7. Why are these spaces calling me no name??? This is the 2nd time today, I want to yell. I gotta name! Sorry, probably still ranting from my earlier blog. Very refreshing your site is and yes it is very important that we all know where we came from, but more important to know where we are going and know that there are a million out there that share our beliefs, disbeliefs, fashion sense, child rearing issues, etc etc. It all comes around in this big circle of life. The only way to change it is to be sure that the sins of our ancestors don\’t continue to go full circle and so on and so forth! We must teach our children that though we are all different, we are yet the same, we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth facing similar day to day trials and the future most certainly is in their hands. 
    Keep up all your good work, it\’s a joy to visit!

  8. Happy Emancipation Day! This time last year we were in JA. I can\’t believe it\’s a year already…we went from being a fun-loving childless couple, to being parents in one year! I guess that\’s a form of emancipation too!
    By the way, we are lucky as Caribbean folk to have black people in roles of leadership, (I know it sometimes doesn\’t feel like it), but it is a sight that some blacks worldwide have never been able to experience first hand.

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