Wazhat! Wahzat!

My husband forgot my BIRTHDAY!!!


I can’t believe it .. I am still in shock. I have had my own little ‘Sixteen Candles’ moment today. Not only did my husband forget, but so did my Mother. My husband says it my own fault I should have advertised it better. In all fairness I normally have a party, a dinner or a gathering by the pool and there was none scheduled for this year hence why he forgot. Poor dude!!
(My mother has remembered the last 35 so I’ll excuse her.)
Is it wrong of me to still look forward to birthdays and expect presents, ballons and parties? No I don’t think so! I think I could be celebrating my 90th and still expect presents. Beautifully brightly wrapped presents overflowing with ribbons and bows.
For me birthdays are the special day that God chose to bless the world with me and you. So yes I am one of those annoying birthday persons that would remember to ring you on your birthday and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ albeit a little off key. Even if I know that you do not particularly care for birthdays. Sorry.
Always a child at heart I still envision the perfect birthday to be a whirlwind of ballons, streamers, icecream, cake, lots of food to eat and now that I am older really cool exotic drinks all shared with tons and tons of family and friends. And most of all overflowing with love.
But hey I may not have the party or the presents, but God knows I have the love
Thanks for all the well wishing from you my blog friends.
Have a great day as I sing
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birhtday to me
I think I’ll mix up one of those exotic drinks right now.  

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10 thoughts on “My husband forgot my BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. Well, I think that hubby is going to be in the doghouse for a long time.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  I hope that you have a wonderful makeup birthday!   This reminds me of my parents 16th wedding anniversary.  My dad forgot it and instead of just apologizing, he kept insisting that mom was wrong and had the wrong day.  After 5 minutes of his stammering mom said "Today we have been married for 16 years.  16 long years that are getting longer by the minute."  After that it became kind of a joke between them. 
    And it is not wrong to want  presents on your birthday.  It\’s like people saying that they are glad that you were born and are in their life.
    Once again Happy Birthday sweetie.

  2. Wahhzaattttttttt!!   Happy Birthday!!!  I can\’t believe your hubby forgot your birthday, but he is right, you should have done a better job at advertising it……after all, you are a graphic designer (smile).  I am sure he will make up for it big time so let the man out of the doghouse, and mix me an Appleton and a little coke with some lime please. Enjoy the rest of the day and lots of hugs from me to you. 

    No matter how old a person is, their birthday is the most special day of the year. It is the day you were brought in this world. And this world is better because of you!
    You poor thing, I think I would have to just go and forget your hubby\’s b-day to make him feel what it\’s like. If I lived close, I\’d come by and shower you with confetti and preasents
    Love to you and happy birthday

  4. Happy Birthday, sorry I haven\’t been around!Still trying to get used to the whole mommy thing.  

  5. Oh oh. I wouldnt want to be him!  He better make up the lost brownie points and quick.
    Its not wrong to want to celebrate every single birthday. Infact the opposite. To want presents? Presents are just that added touch from those around you saying they love you. Of course you want presents.
    Happy Birthday once again my far off bloggy friend
    Always Yellow, never blue

  6. My day away?  I am off to Houston on Wednesday to hook up with some Trini friends of mine on vacation there, but I guess that doesn\’t count since I will be with friends:)

  7. Oh Happy Birthday to you!!!  Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear Wahzat!!!
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu.
    (and believe me .that was off key! lol)
    I know just what you mean.  I love birthdays and try to be the first one to call my family to wish them a happy one.  I think they are very special days and should be celebrated.  Sadly I usually spend mine alone.  Well my husband and kids are here but it\’s usually just my hubby asking where I want to go for dinner and that\’s about the celebration.  I can\’t remember the last time I actually had cake on my birthday …
    but you know what.  that\’s ok. *smile*  at least we are still here to have them right! LOL
    And if we lived closer I would be right there with Noah\’s momma and tossing confetti and celebrating with cake & soda & clowns & balloons & presents!!!
    birthday hugs!
    PS .. I just remembered that I owe you an email.  I\’m so sorry.  I\’ll send one along tonight.

  8. I\’m back!!!!!!!!!
    Ohhh…I would kill him!!!!! I too celebrate my day, and love the attention and the presents!
    I have to come back to read all the posts I missed while I was away!

  9. Happy birthday to you!  It is good to hear other adults still get crazy about their birthdays…my hubby thinks I am nuts about how I get so excited when that day comes around….this year I thought he had "forgotten" or at least failed to plan anything fun…then a few days after my birthday, wham…a surprise party…he was back on the good side!  🙂  Hope the day was wonderful in spite of the forgetfuls….

  10. Shoot! I missed your birthday…I\’m blaming it on MSN. I was mad and didn\’t blog walk for a couple of weeks. I\’m making up for it today! Hope you had a great one!! Next year, publicize! 🙂

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