Wazhat! Wahzat!

Happy Birthday to my husband!


Today my husband turns 35.
Yes I know it is strange that our birthdays are so close. It really works … because he may have forgotten mine, but I get to remember his and celebrate it in style .
My husband is one of those rare creatures that would rather see birthdays as any ordinary day. Luckily he has me to dissuade him of that notion.
Somethings that make my husband cool!!
1) He is a passionate dude.
2) He is a fabulous father
3) He is a kid at heart
4) He is fanatical about Football. As long as the ball is round and rolls he will watch it. Loves to play it too! He watched every game of this year’s World Cup.
5) He is fanatical about football (american). He is a die-hard Dolph-fan. (Miami Dolpins for those of you wondered.)
6) Absolutely loves the finance world- he is an investor.
7) He truly believes that he will be a multi-millionaire some time soon.
8) He is fanatical about his family. Loves his parents and his siblings he has two.
9) He has the quickest, brightest smile rivaled only by his children whose smiles are bigger and brighter
10) Just a really sweet, great guy

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my husband!

  1. Happy Birthday to your husband!  I know you will ensure that he celebrates in style…..what kind of cake did you bake (smile)?  He is a sports fan so he is cool to me too!  Enjoy the day.

  2.  I\’m so sorry about your birthday, but girl if I didn\’ t write it in big letters on the calendar each year, I would also be forgotten. My husband can\’t remember any dates NONE. But he is a super cool husband also. That was very nice of you to lift him up and tell us how wonderful he is for his birthday. I hope you two go out this weekend maybe and celebrate both birthdays.
    My husband is an absolute football FREAK. Fan is not the word, it is definitely freak. I am most definitely a football widow every year and it\’s almost that time again. He watched every single college game and NFL game that he can find on our 200 stations.
    So, when you are a multi-millionaire you\’ll fly me out to visit right? I keep that in my prayers. LOL…

  3. Football fanatic, my kind of guy. Loves his family, is going to be a millionare, hey even I am warming to him lol.
    You and yours have a wonderful week.

  4. Happy Birthday to YOU and to your Hubby!  You are correct!  Dixie Chicks it is.  It\’s showing in the player today.  Probably some of the spaces agony we\’ve all been living with lately.
    I can see why you have such admiration for your hubby.  Gotta love a smiling, passionate guy!!

  5. He sounds wonderful!  Happy birthday to him from Michigan. 
    My husband never could remember my bd either, so i learned to remind hin, sort of, do you think we might go out to dinner for my birthday next tuesday?

  6. Happy B-day to him!!!!! He sounds great!

  7. Sounds like a ravishing husband! HOw lucky you are that God has blessed you with someone who is so wonderful! Even though he forgot your birthday, showing him how much it means to remember his might let him make yours extra special next time around!
    Happy Birthday to him!

  8. WOW! So many greetings to send! First the belated ones… Happy Birthday to you! (I can\’t believe they forgot, that\’s horrible!) Happy Independence day, and now Happy Birthday to your husband!
    he sounds like a great guy…my husband\’s birthday is on Sunday. So many August birthday\’s!
    Nothing wrong with being a football fan 🙂 We were cheering on the Soca Warriors…
    guess we\’ll do it all again in another 4 years.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I hope he had a wonderful birthday! He sounds like a great guy. I understand his fanaticism about the Dolphins…I was married into a family that LOVED them. My house was a Dan Marino shrine while I was married! 🙂

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