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A day at the airport!


Today sums up my either airport experience. It has all been disastrous!!
I went to pick up my cousin from the airport today. She was in Trinidad for the summer holidays and reluctantly makes her way back to Jamaica to go into her 2nd year of University… she is studying to be a paediatrician.
Anyway the flight was delayed as expected what with the inclement weather the Caribbean is experiencing plus the increased security at the airports. I got there early and it took her 2 hours to clear immigration, get her bags and clear customs. And then I couldn’t get in close enough to get her and her bags in the car as there was so many people. ARGGH! Oh my word it was like pulling teeth. Thank God she made it safely no mishaps.
When the children and I made our way down to Trinidad, it was also that faithful day that those wretched terrorists decided to put liquid explosives into lotion bottles and made a foiled attempt to leave London and head to Chicago. Now this would have been torturous for a person travelling alone, but someone travelling with children it was way pass torturous. The security lines were long, long, long. They made everyone remove any bottles that you may have on their person and they also made us all including the babies remove our shoes and put them on conveyour belts to be scanned. Which almost threw my children into hysterics. Not fun!
Airports are amazing places though. I took the time today to appreciate the rhythm and flow of the people waiting to pick up and those waiting to be picked up. There is a air of excited anticipation that permeates through the air. The people coming off the plane- whether hoity toity or down to earth- most dressed to the nines, a bit tired and ruffled, but surely looking dapper. While the people who are waiting are casually dressed in flip flops even. It was fun to share in the joy and exuberance of these strangers as they enthusiatically embrace their family or friends. Catching little snippets of conversations and weaving a life for these people as we share a moment of time waiting in the airport.
Hey I had to pass the time away someway. I was there two hours!

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6 thoughts on “A day at the airport!

  1. Sherry
    Sounds like you had quite a day at the airport!  The first time I was leaving Jamaica out of Kingston, I couldn\’t get over the fact that my friends could not come hang out with me while I was checking in.  They just had to drop me at the curb and take off……I had never seen that before, but I guess precautions have to be taken.
    I cannot believe that your babies had to take off their shoes as well!  That must have been awful for them.  Thank God I flew to California the day after all the changes were made so I had packed accordingly.  Everything went smoothly at the airport and I hardly had to stand in line.  Take care and have a good week.

  2. So good to have you back!

  3. Yeah, I am a tad bit excited about being featured but there seems to be so many other things going on right now in my life (school starting, lots of reading to do, dissertation, etc.) that it\’s hard to be very excited about being featured.  It\’s a lovely honor, though.

  4. Hi fellow "Trini woman", I know Airports are quite exciting places to be, but they pure torture lately…but it\’s all for our safety.  You made me remember the real "Trini" lingo with the words "Hoity toity", I haven\’t heard that one for a while.

  5. Good to se eyou are back! I have missed coming here reading your blogs! I have flown several times to the west to visit family on so many occasions. I always loved observing the atmosphere of airports. All the different people from every different place of the world. I enjoyed it so much and I always loved dressing so comfortable. In the biggest warmest sweatshirt and comfy shoes. Comfort was important when you had to ride a plain for several hours at a time.
    I really enjoyed reading your observations!
    Love to you and yours from us

  6. glad you\’re back and had a good trip! Visits home can be tiring, but the sweet usually far outweighs the bitter.
    I agree about airports and people-watching. I often imagine where these people are from or what their lives might be like as we all spend from minutes to hours in common in this transitional hub.
    Too bad about all the heightened security and all that. All the terrorism and flight scares have put a real damper on the whole travel experience

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