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Change! Why O why change!


I have never been a great fan of change. As much as I have had great experiences because of change. I still don’t feel comfortable about it. I always used to dread the first day of school with a new teacher. It took me forever to take the steps necessary for me to go to college. I worked in a job much longer than I should have because I was fearful of what lay out there. Even going back to my home filled me with some dread because I knew it would not be the same as when I lived there. I mean I have had the same pillow for over 10 years.. I need to throw it away but that would mean me getting a new one and that is a change. My most recent reluctance to accept change happened yesterday when I visited a blog friend ‘s site only to find that she wisely decided to take a break from blogland and focus on her family and her dreams. I was a wreck because now I don’t have that site to visit as part of my daily regimen. (bye Gracia we’ll miss you! Hope you will not stay away too long.)
My son, and to some extent my daughter, unfortunately is also predisposed to being fearful of change. But simple little changes really throw him off. If his teacher cuts her hair it upsets him. If his routine is off by a little he gets quiet and takes a moment to calm himself by stroking his favorite blanket and sucking his thumb. ( yes he is a thumb sucker.) Today he freaked out because his shadow joined in on his speech therapy. He had gotten accoustom to having the speech therapist to himself. And if a session goes by without mention of his favourite item a train then it was not successful. I know that when school starts back next week Wednesday it is going to be rough for them both because the children would be different. The teachers would be different and what is being taught would be different. My son’s shadow would also be different and I know that is a great cause of concern for me because now some one new will be looking after him and having to learn about all of his idiosyncrasies. I expect next week to filled with tears and tantrums, possibly a few potty accidents (alot of wee wee escapes when nerves and fears come into play.)
But hey change is all a part of growing up and learning right!! So maybe next week and the week after that would go smoothly and there would be no cause for tears or concern.  And maybe the changes that occur would be interesting and exciting! Who knows how we will fare! I just know that as much as I may dislike it and fight against it that change is inevitable.
(Just incase you wondered my son has been diagnosed as having mild to moderate autism and doesn’t really do well with change.)

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7 thoughts on “Change! Why O why change!

  1. Wow, this is amazing because the same reasons you list as to why you fear change are the same reasons I love change.  I get very excited when I am moving to a new place, or taking on a new challenge.  I remember when I first went to college in Canada, I had been on campus for a few hours and everyone was asking where some building or the other was.  I just walked around like I had been there for 5 years.  Of course, when winter set in, I went into hibernation (laugh).
    I understand your trepidation, though, especially for your son.  It will be difficult for both of you and I hope his new shadow, teacher, etc. make him feel at ease very quickly.  I will say a prayer for you all. 
    I miss Grace, too – that\’s a change I don\’t like, but we have to accept it.  I hope she comes back one day.

  2. After a couple of weeks, I\’m sure your son will be settled into his new routine. I\’ve seen it happen with all of my Autistic kids…the first few days are so hard. Lots of tears and defiance when we do something new, but they come around. Kids…even our special ones…adapt better than we do sometimes. 🙂

  3. I as well am not good with change. Seems like the more change I go through, the more it pulls me into this kind of depression mode. Getting married, having a baby, then moving right off the bat was so so hard for me. The adjustment of my evershifting reality was extremely hard for me to deal with. I have found that God has helped me get through change and as I get older, I come to find it more at ease. I just try to look at the good side of change now and that seems to help a lot.
    Hope that God is with you through your times of change and may he helpe you learn how to accept it more easily.
    Love to you and wishing you a blessed weekend to come

  4. hey you.
    I sucked my thumb until I was 7 and look how I turned out!. Hmm on 2nd thoughts, strike that. It sounds like hard work you have to keep your little one settled. However methinks he has probably landed very very lucky to have a mum like yourself to ease him through life.
    And welcome back

  5. So glad you are back! Sorry I haven\’t posted in awhile, but hey with all that\’s going on here, well anyway! I have set aside time this weekend and promise to post and catch back up, I had a few moments and wanted to say hello to all and check on everyone.
    Talk to you soon!

  6. One of the good things about children like your son is that although they at first resist the change, they are very resiliant and in no time at all will come to accept and move right into the new routine. 
    I hate change.  Like you I stayed in a job longer then I should have because I didnt\’ want change – thankfully I took a deep breath and moved ahead in another direction and am ever so happy now with what I\’m doing…
    I also dread the phone ringing late at night because it usually means bad news which equals to something about to change in my life …  *sigh*
    How was your vacation?  You were missed!!

  7. Girl, we all miss Grace tremendously!  Anyhow, change makes noise…that is exactly what it is, Change!  They will eventually adapt, they have no other choice but too.
    P.S.  Have the mops handy to soak up the pee pee…lol

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