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The beauty of sisters


As I sit being pleasantly entertained as my children play and hug. I realized that God really knows what he is doing.
When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I cried, because I didn’t think I was ready for another baby, because you see I had planned to be pregnant the following year . I mean really who in their right mind has two babies in 2 years. Needless to say I shortly got over myself and embraced the fact that I was bringing another little precious soul into the world. She was born exactly 2yrs, six days and 5 hrs after my son. And has made her prescence felt ever since.
Everyday I am made more aware of her impact.
Without my daughter being born exactly when she was then we would have waited much longer to have our son diagnosed.
Without my daughter we would probably never have been aware that he was being challenged with his development.
Without my daughter he would probably have retreated into his own world… it never happened because she would not have it.
Without my daughter he probably would not have the play that he knows now.
Without my daughter hugs and kisses may not be as easily given.
Without my daughter he probably would never have learnt the words NO or I don’t want it!  (he is a really obedient child)
He probably would not have gotten into the trouble that she gets him into. The mad dashes between rooms at night (trying to escape bedtime) Jumping up and down on the beds. Loud shrieks and squealling. Wrestling to the ground! She is a girlie girl in all respects except when it is play time with her brother! He also may have skipped the walking around in Mummy’s shoes too, but it apparently is a vital part of playing ‘going to work’
But most importantly without my daughter, my son will probably miss out on having the joy of calling out – Hannah come play 🙂
God is really great!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

9 thoughts on “The beauty of sisters

  1. This was so beautiful. I just love they way you see things…love every little glimpse into your happy child-filled life!

  2. wow.  Your kids sound so awesome.  I realized today that I still owe you an email.  I will get on that this weekend. PROMISE!!
    How are YOU doing?

  3. Such a sweet and beautiful post, reminding us why God sends children as you have given us a wonderful way of looking at things. You\’re life is truly full and abundant sounding with two precious little ones who are so good for you, a wonderful husband and a God who is always there for you.
    Love to you my friend

  4. Yeah, our timing is not God\’s timing.  He always knows best, doesn\’t he?  I am glad that your kids have such great fun together…….they are good for each other, which is exactly what God planned!  Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. It is great to find the blessing in everything!  They are always there, just sometimes not so obvious to us.

  6. Awww, how sweet!  Kids are truly a blessing.  One fine day, I will realize that joy….lol.  Anyway girl, that plant is really testing my patience.  All I tried to do, is help it grow bigger and healtier by watering it with "Miracle Grow" and that is what the miracle grow produced!  Now, I\’m ah damn plant nurse!

  7. There is no right time or wrong time to bring children into this world. When it happens it is meant to happen for millions of reasons. Its good to see that you have picked up on the ones relevant to you and your family.
    Thank you for writing this piece. We all need a reminder why sometimes.
    Hugs to you bloggy friend.

  8. Ahhh, you are blessed!!

  9. Awww, your kids sound so wonderful. I\’m happy that she brings him out of his "shell" and that they enjoy playing together. You\’re truly blessed. 🙂

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