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Children can be so mean!!


Honestly I have always been what may be considered popular… not super popular. But known enough that people who I can barely place a name to remembers my name, age and vital info. And no it is not because I was cute, but because I was and am pleasant… people like that. I always had a circle of friends and to be honest I have always thought highly of myself and my friends to think that we were hip.  I think that had a lot to do with it. We thought we were cool. Well ok and we were kind of cute too!
Anyway, the reason I am even on this popular trip is because I have witnessed my neighbour’s ‘naughty’ little daughter reject my two so many times that it is hurtful to me. I hate that they are not yet considered cool or so interesting that they are always welcomed. Now they are both too young to fully understand what is going on, but I think soon my daughter who is ridiculously shy would soon figure it out. I just want to shelter them, smother them with hugs and kisses and properly scold the little naughty girl, but I know that will not solve anything. I know this is just a part of it and sometimes children are just plain mean… even though they probably don’t intend to be mean. I know that this is something that all parents have to tossle with especially if one or all of their children are shy or ‘different’… I stumbled across a blog on ivillage, which coincidentally was kind of about the same thing. I copied the url below.
It is heartwrenching to know that friendship is a totally personal thing and it is not something or lack there of that I can protect them from or influence. I could only pray very hard that they will always feel secure in themselves and not require others to make them feel whole. And yet know that joy of being accepted and loved for who you are.
Hope the week is not too wet whereever you are! It’s raining cats and dogs here!!

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8 thoughts on “Children can be so mean!!

  1. New car is a fabulous dream. 
    Children must endure these types of things–luckily, I find the shy ones don\’t do too bad–they make great listeners.

  2. The rain has stopped here but it has cooled things down a bit so the weather was almost perfect today!  I was just watching the weather channel and there are two storms out in the Atlantic so watch out for some more rain down in the Caribbean.
    I think your kids will be alright.  I know you instill confidence in them and that goes a long way in helping their self esteem so they will be fine.  That naughty neighbor will also stop being naughty one day….yep, kids can be mean.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Hello! Thanks for all your comments. Sorry I\’ve been such a bad blog friend. I\’ve been super busy and haven\’t had time to write and read. I miss it though 😦 I HAVE to come back and read you….
    …yes, kids can be very mean, but we have to be there for them to assure them, and yes, protect them. My son is very shy too and he speaks spanish in an english speaking country, which makes his shyness even worse…I pray too for them every day for the same things you pray. It\’s scares me a little, I don\’t want them to grow up :S
    …and I read "the beauty of sisters" and my heart melted. My kids are 14 months apart, I cried too when I found out I was pregnant, but now I know my second boy was a "necessity" in this house. He brings joy and calm, he makes his brother complete.  I can\’t even imagine our lives without him!
    I\’ll be back to read you…

  4. It is hard to see.  I have to watch myself so I don\’t come across as overly protective like a secret service bodyguard since I hate bullies. 
    In the end, your children will be fine since you are creating a good role model for them on being friendly.  As they get older, they will connect with and make friends with GOOD people. 

  5. I was one of the kids that was picked on growing up.  I was scrawny, all arms and legs and teeth, with a funny name in a small town in Ohio.  Plus my mother was from Ireland and a stickler for grammar, so I sounded different then the rest of the kids too.  (No slang allowed!)  My mother always told me that one day I will not care a fig for those kids, and probably won\’t remember half of them.  It taught me to stand up for myself, but more importantly to stand up for others.  And thanks to my rather varied childhood, I could have dinner with the queen and be comfortable and leave to shoot pool in some dive!  🙂 
    Remember too, this naughty girl is just a neighbor, it could all change once they get to school!
    I so wish that it would raing here, we need it desperately!!!!  I need it desperately!

  6. Oh and my mom was right, I can\’t remember half their names!!  I hate it, she was always right!!  🙂

  7. Yes unfortunately these are things us mom\’s have to deal with. With my 3 boys, it really hasn\’t been so hard. Boys either get along or hang with someone else, but with girls there is always alot more drama involved. You know us girls like drama. My seven year old Jansen comes home alot and says mom, so and so is sooooo mean to me at school. "usually it\’s a girl", I said so don\’t be around so and so tomorrow, play with someone else. He\’s like ok and that\’s that.
    But I remember many a "hurt feelings" of my own growing up. Both my feelings being hurt by other girls and sometimes the guilt I felt after hurting anothers feelings to "impress" my friends.
    Just one of those "life things" that everyone goes through and all mom\’s wish we could spare our children from!
    As for Steve Irwin, all my boys so loved him, he was very cool. He will be incredibly missed around our house!

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