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Tidbits from the Drive about Mum… and the act of being contrary!


Well the thing about being a drive about Mum usually means that I am the go-for. Because I supposedly have all this free time I am the one who does all the running around. So as such I have been feeling very grown-up. You see before now I really have been sheltered and spoilt. I made the money, but never joined a line and paid the bills, even when I was living at home with my mother. She had the time, I worked. Well now I join lines. I buy tyres… because they don’t just appear on the car by magic. I even pay the taxes now, which leads to my first tidbit.
I went in to the Jamaican tax office last week, because my husband has to register his new company and I am one of the directors and most available, I needed to register for a TRN which is similar to the social security number in the US. Boy is it ever a  mistake to go anyway governmental at the end of the month. The lines were ridiculous. And I am sorry to say this but people from the West Indies don’t respect lines or personal space. It was really funny to see how every person that came in man, woman or child and walked straight up to the counter even though there were people there already. Oh by the way I forgot  to mention that where the line is located is probably 5 ft wide. So honestly no space for one person much less the twenty who were trying to get their forms okayed. I was elbowed and stepped on and rolled about in my spot. Not fun. And I am one of those people that require at least 3 feet around for me to feel that my personal space is secure. But I survived the invasion of space, the unintentional prodding and got the document.  Yipee for me.
I have had to fill out so many forms… I hate filling out forms. Something happens to the brain when I get a form in front of me. It short circuits and I forget what my name is and how to spell it. To open the bank account for the new company we had to fill out…. count it ….5 forms one of them being a book 8 pages long. I went a little crazy and then used the noggin to sweet talk the banker lady, who kindly filled everything out for us before she knew what came over her
My cousin is going to University here. I have to say moving her into dorms has not been fun!! She has so many boxes and because she got a room by herself this semester she has been needing to shop for all those essentials necessary for living on your own like mats, drapes and televisions. And being available and a loving cousin I have been driving her around. I even borrowed a stick shift van and drove it  up hills to help her move about. Oh my word!! What an experience. Thank GOD that it is over she is moved in and the place looks cool.
    and the act of being contrary ….
So I have finally put on the five pounds that I have been wanting to put on for about 5 years now. And instead of being estactic I am unsure how to feel.  My clothes fit different now… they still fit, but kind of snug and some even look better on now and some I have to retire or pass on to my niece. I know I look healthier, But this new weight shows me that I am really not fit and I am not enjoying the body as much… So to the gym I go to tone and shape. I hate aerobic exercise and I think that’s what may be needed. YIKES . I am tempted to lose the five pounds again. Ok just joking.
And I want to cut my hair!! So what if I have been waiting for my hair to grow down my back for two years. It is taking TOOOO long. I swear it feels as it it has been brushing my shoulder forever. I don’t know why I want to grow it down my back, because all I do is pull it up into a ponytail. So don’t be surprised if you see a picture of me in the very near future with my new shorn look.
Oh my old boss called again to offer me another job. This is the second time. This time he wants me as a free-lancer -(he hates freelance) to manage the redecoration of a shoestore. Now what do I know about redecorating a store. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Expect maybe that I like shoes. But hey how hard can it be right. The store really looks bad and you know what I am really considering taking it. I am a graphic artist and I do watch alot of HGTV maybe that would help. He and his sister seems convinced that I can do it. And my husband wasn’t adversed to it. (My husband hated the long hours of my old jobs and sometimes he hated my old boss because he is a tyrant ) So I guess I’ll give it a try ’cause it is only for a short time and it seems like an interesting challenge. Hope I don’t freak out too much.
Sorry this is so long just had a lot on my mind.
Have a great one

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10 thoughts on “Tidbits from the Drive about Mum… and the act of being contrary!

  1. Wow, you sure have been busy! Going to a government office in the Caribbean is an adventure in itself. The workers look at you as if, "Why are you all here?  Don\’t you know that the workday is our time to relax"?  I swear that\’s how they get on (sigh).
    I say go for the freelance gig!  You will still be home with your kids, and if you have any problems, just email HGTV for advice.  I watch that channel a lot to get ideas for my home when I graduate. It\’s the best!
    I hate aerobics myself but I do a lot of the cardio machines and a little bit of weights. Do you think the 5 pounds is fat or muscle?  You could just work out a bit and take a protein shake and you should put on 5 pounds of muscle.  Uhhmmm, why do you want to put on 5 pounds?  You lucky girl!  Have a lovely weekend.

  2. hey and you got it all off you mind…which is great…cause sometimes it just feels good to let it all out…
    :o) smiles easy to give away they are free… :o) very contagious… :o) so pass one to anyone … :o) to people that you love… :o) and even to those you don\’t… :o) in no time the whole world will be smiling :o)

  3. All government offices, pardon the expression "suck". I dread any and all transactions that require my personal appearance at a government office. The last time I had to go to the DMV, I was there 3 hours, no joke. I kidded at work that next time I must take a vacation day just to renew my license. Thank goodness it\’s only every 10 years now!
    Hugs, Laura aka Football Widow

  4. You need to come here. People queue because thats what Brits do. Queue. We queue for everything, and no matter how long we have to queue nobody complains. (Outloud). Got a lot of your chest on this blog huh? Have a less hectic week lol.
    Hugs to you

  5. Sounds like a buisy  momma you are!So glad I am able to come in and read your blogs though! I have missed coming here! And so happy for you that you have gained your five pounds and might be cutting your hair!!! woohoo I am happy for you! Usually it\’s always the other way around. People want to loose that five pounds hehehe…Hope eveyrthing is going so good your way and may God send his blessings upon you and the family.
    Love to you all from us

  6. You crack me up! I can\’t help it…I constantly find myself smiling whenever I visit you. 
    I just love the way you see life…
    Personally, I\’d give anything to need to put on 5 pounds…:) Can\’t wait to see your new hair-do…
    About the re-decorating…you will do a FAB job!!! I am sure of that.
    Enjoy your weekend and I hope your blogging stays "bug" free. Love to you from Annabelle and I…

  7. this made me laugh to see you trying to gain 5 lbs…while I myself would love to lose 5 lbs!  thanks for visiting and leaving nice little comments at my site…i need to add you to my list of sites to visit more frequently.  i feel like time has flown by lately with so little time to do the blog-surfing i\’d like to!

  8. Ok–a chance to spend a lot of time around shoes is never a bad thing, right?
    Intersting about the lines–people in France are like that too.
    My parents are like SO PROUD of me now that I can  go to Walmart and get my own oil changed.  You\’d think I was performing brain surgery or something.

  9. Hi, First visit here by way of BoredBarbs, Nice space here. I\’ll be back. Lovely pics of the children : )
    I know what you mean about personal space and lines, they don\’t go together, then add forms to it and what a yucky day indeed, Hugs, Til next time, Kat

  10. Oh gosh, don\’t talk about West Indians and lines like that girl! lol…you want the world to know "some" of us have no behaviour.  I feel your pain.  I get the same feeling of when I am driving behind an idiot when people cut the line in front of me when I\’ve been the forever.  Government offices everywhere are a damn pain!!!

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