Wazhat! Wahzat!

It’s baby season in Trinidad.


Somehow, even though the numbers keep adding up I still think of myself as 19, oh all right 21 and it trickles down to my siblings and my cousins. So if we are all under the age of 21, where did all of these munchkins come from.
The cuties in the photo album are the latest additions to my family in Trinidad
To start off my sisters babies Nathan and Aedan. They are 1 year 4mths and 4mths.
The sweet little dolly is my favorite boy cousin’s daughter Katelyn. I think she looks like a little porcelain dolly. All beautiful black curls and pale, pale skin. (So she needs a tan… will happen in time.)
Of course you know my drama queen!
And that beautiful, beautiful girl hugging my son is the first niece I ever had. Time really flies too fast, just a blink ago she was a baby, now she is a saucy 10 year old. My middle sister’s daughter Zhara-Leigh.
I still have to add my brother’s daughter, but that picture is on a different camera stuck in Trinidad. She is also 1 year and 4 months. Her mother is Venezuelan.
I wanted to add all the pictures in this blog, but I can’t get it to work.. I am surprised this one stuck!!
Anyway this is my baby sister holding my really sweet, pretty awesome 4 mth old nephew. He has the cutest dimple-filled smile, which I was not able to catch on camera.

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

5 thoughts on “It’s baby season in Trinidad.

  1. I, too, am always surprised at how old I actually am–can\’t understand it when the birthday rolls around.

  2. What a cute bunch!  Before you know it, they will all be in college………and we all will be a lot older (smile).  Hope all is well in Jamtown!

  3. Gorgeous kids! I know that I\’m actually 34…but I don\’t feel a day over 26. So, I refuse to be any older than that. lol

  4. Hiya Wahzat!  My aging brain forgot you were in Jamaica.  You must have cringed at my butchering Jamaican Rice and Peas! <grin>  Ah well what can I say.  I\’m too lazy to do it the proper way and I did learn it from a Jamaican man way back in my 20s.  I have tried the coconut milk and it\’s much better but something I never have on hand when the craving hits.  So I found my dried coconut and thought I\’d try that instead.  I just put another large pot of it on the stove as hubby beat me to ALL the leftovers from Sunday\’s batch.  It reminded him of an Egyptian dish apparently from his youth.
    I went looking for the Embedding instructions, and of course, it had gone *poof* during the great purge.  I did save a copy of all my blogs to Word, but the February version was prior several additional edits I had done to the original post, so I had to start over.  But it was fun doing it all again, this time in a more organized approach.  You\’ll find it here.   Good luck!
    Thanks so much for your generous compliments on my photography efforts.  I do still consider myself an amateur.  To me a professional can do the job all the time.  I think I would start to hate it if I had to do it on demand so I\’m just going to keep it a hobby. 
    I would love the chance to come back to Jamaica some day and spend my days photographing the Island I love.  Gotta win the lottery soon I guess! <laugh>
    Barb 🙂

  5. Oh my! What a darling collection of babies…big and little!

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