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The loss of one’s child!


My heart has been heavy alot recently. I ache for people I have never met, but who have still entered my thoughts from time to time.
I realize it is not so much the fact that I don’t know them, but it is what they are going through at the moment. I felt a great loss for Steve Irwins family when he passed away due to a freak accident. His children only have video footage to grow up with.
And now I feel teary eyed for Anna Nicole and I know it is because I would hate to have to be going through what she is going through right now. Can you imagine how hard it must be losing your 20 year old baby (because have no fear that is probably how she still thinks of him) while rejoicing on the birth of your baby girl. If I was her I am not sure I would know which one to do.
I think it must be the hardest thing in the world to survive your own children. I was reading an article about Luther Vandros’s mother. (I loved his music) All three of her children died due to complications brought on by diabetes. My heart broke for her.
Of course there are a few examples closer to home, like my mother’s friend whose son died in a car accidents just yards/metres away from his home. The driver was drunk… the son was 24. People don’t drive while drunk, give the keys to some one else. Call a taxi or sleep where you are.
And because life is so precious and fragile, let us all hug our children ….love them! And give love to your siblings, parents, friends because life is short and should not be wasted on arguments and stress.
Be safe and give love.
Eternal Rest grant on to them who have gone Oh Lord and let perpetual light shine on them May they rest in peace. Amen.

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8 thoughts on “The loss of one’s child!

  1. My heart aches for this post, as it was so dearly sad to read. I hate that for your friends and will most certainly be praying for them. I can not imgine the pain must bring to losing a child of your own. Heart wrenching I am sure.
    Lots of love to you and thank you for a reminder of cherishing life.

  2. Yeah, death is an awful thing for anyone to deal with, especially the death of a child.  People can only get through with the Lord holding their hand and guiding them through each and everyday.  Take care and blessings!

  3. I feel so bad for Anna Nicole.  I hated her show, but NO MOTHER should ever have to go through something like that.  And by all accounts, she was a very good mother.  Loving and devoted.  How hard it must be for her.  On one hand, you just had a beautiful baby girl, on the other, you just lost your beautiful boy forever.  I read this morning that she had to be sedated.  I hope and pray that God grants her some peace of mind so that she can be the mother to this little girl, that she was to her son.  That poor woman.
    I feel bad for Steve Irwins wife too.  To lose your husband and the father of your children so suddenly!  But he has left a legacy that she and the kids can be proud of.  He may have been a wee bit of a kook, but he has brought more attention to the needs of endangered wildlife than anyone since Marlon Perkins (Mutual of Omaha\’s Wild Kingdom-I\’m showing my age)
    May God bring them both home.

  4. Coming by to wish you a great weekend. It\’s a little early, but this weekend is going to be very buisy for me! Lots of activities and festivities to do and to attend to! Hope your days with family are just wonderful! Oh and how is the weather down there? It is getting so cool up here! Last year around this time, I would break a sweat just walking outside hehe!
    Love to you my friend

  5. The loss of anyone through death is hard, especially if the person was really young and it was tragic.  But it is something we unfortunately have to deal with.  I too am very much saddened by the sudden passing of "The croc hunter", he was very amusing to me.

  6. The worst thing in the world must be outliving your children. Its just not right is it?
    By the way, loving your new set of pics. All cuties. Made me smile. ty.

  7. Hey, the thesis is going VERY slowly (sigh). I am trying not to panic but I simply lack the motivation I need right now to put my all into it. Say a prayer for me. 
    I did go to knitting class on Monday but I haven\’t knitted since then. I normally do it on weekends when I am watching sports. Then again, I haven\’t done jack all day so I could well have knitted (sigh again).
    I have been eating oatmeal every morning with non fat yogurt and it tastes great! I don\’t cook the oatmeal at all. I just mix it with the yogurt and it is soooooo good. I will try and eat right until I have to make an exception like at Thanksgiving or Christmas (smile).  I am doing very well so far because I have never really been a bad eater.  Take care and have a fun weekend with your family.

  8. I feel awful for Anna Nicole Smith and any mother who buries a child…and I can\’t imagine her situation with a new baby to take care of. I don\’t know that I would recover if I lost my son.

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