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Ok my mother has brought me up properly and I should have loads of manners and know what’s the best way to respond to all situations presented. But all my good manners went out the window the other day…. I have been too mortified to mention it before.
On one of my drive about moments driving through a university campus, I am lost looking for the bookstore… helping the young cousin out! This woman flags me down all excited! Sticking her head into the car the conversation went a little something like this:
Woman : Oh my gosh you went to FIU! Gayle right!
Me : (Stunned expectant silence, because yes that is me.)
Woman: You don’t remember me!
Me : NO!!!   ( blank expression on face)
Woman : ( stunned look on face) I am Trisha B…. ( Honestly don’t remember what she said)
Me : (trying to backpedal and at least show some tact) Oh you kind of look familiar, yes.. yes you must have worn your hair different. (As I peer into her face looking for something, anything that looked familiar.)
Woman : No I haven’t changed abit! Anyway so what are you doing here… you live in Jamaica now ?!
Me : Oh yes I married a Jamaican
Woman : Yes Chad …of course I knew that!! ( Chad is my husband’s name!)
Me : (A fresh wave of red washes over my face and yes even with my brown complexion I can turn red!) Oh that’s right you should know him!
Woman : Anyway it was nice to see you again.
Me : Same here… hope we meet again!
I drive off MORTIFIED. Embarrased and Ashamed.
And to make it worse my cousin says to me " Gayle how could you tell the woman NO! A little tact, some decorum please!"
I am turning red again just thinking about it. I hate it when I don’t recognize people who clearly know me and my intimate details. I must be getting senile. Now my friends the right way to respond to the initial questions would have been …. Sure! and then wait for the person to divulge who they are. And even if I still don’t remember them at least the person would not have been embarrassed or felt unpopular. My mother does this all the timeNo Embarrassment and no mortification. No one is the wiser, everyone happy. If this ever happens again I hope I remember the right way to deal with this sort of thing.
My mother would probably have my head if I told her and NO I have not told her yet. Still too mortified!

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21 thoughts on “Share a little giggle on my behalf

  1. Hey G, I had a good laugh at this entry.  The look on my face usually gives me away and lets the other person know that I have no clue who I am talking to (hahaha).  It could really be embarrassing, though, especially when you should know the person.  Hope she doesn\’t read your blog (laugh).

  2. You shouldn\’t feel at all bad–you were honest and it doesn\’t sound like you offended her at all.  Very strange, though–I can usually remember a face even if I can\’t dredge up the name.
    In answer to your queries: UTI seems to be clearing up, I\’ve tried cutting back on the sodas, but that is VERY hard.  Only one diet coke a day, though and NO alcohol.  Why dressed up?  Sometimes I just feel like it–sometimes I don\’t.

  3. Oh my goodness, how funny…but I wouldn\’t be too mortified honey…you couldn\’t possibly have known her that well if you didn\’t even recognize her face or recollect who she was after she told you her name…

  4. You are the kind of person I like, an honest one, that doesn\’t have a poker face!  I can appreciate feeling embarrassed but I would think most people would rather have an honest reaction.  When you imply one fib, even to make someone else feel better, it could put you in a worse spot, with expectations.  You are a lovely person and I hope you don\’t change.

  5. Girl, that sure did remind me of my grandmother!  She was the queen of holding a perfect conversation with somebody, then asking who the hell she was talking too when the person left.  She was not senile either!  She would be asking the person how their mother was doing, about their kids, everything.  And when they gone, she will laugh and say "who was dat gul, ah eh remember she/he nah"…lol…we when through this every saturday morning , without failure, when we go to the market with her.

  6. I had to laugh at Sherry\’s comment…..wouldn\’t that be something if she read your blog?? LOL
    I saw your comment about movies at Molly\’s space. You like Drew Barrymore, so do I, I think she\’s a great actress for all that she has been through in her life.
    I just watched an older movie of hers the other night, never heard of it until I was browsing at NetFlix. It\’s called "Mad Love"….have you seen it? If not you should. It\’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it was pretty good. It\’s a romance of younger love but of real love. Check it out if you haven\’t already!

  7. I\’ve actually done that before, and yes it is very humiliating :S  Doesn\’t make ya a bad person though! I\’m sure you\’ll be layin in bed one night and it will all come to
    Love to you and a great weekend to you my friend

  8. Hi there I jsut came across your space while bloghopping this morning. I liked reading your blogs.

  9. Hey G, have a fun weekend with the family! I could do with an island trip right now (sigh).  It\’s 93 degrees right now and I have been trying to leave for campus for a while now (sigh again).  I am not sure why I am procrastinating, but I need to jump in the shower and just go!  After all, I will be watching football for the entire weekend while knitting my scarf (hahaha).

  10. Am stopping by to thank you for visiting and to say I hope you have a great weekend!  I\’ll be planning another kitty story for next week.  By the way, that frappuchino sure looks good… and if it had been in my hands there wouldn\’t be any left…even though I would sleep for 2-3 hours after having it, because of the sugar.  I marvel at your discipline!  The only time I can remember not finishing something with chocolate or coffee in it… was a new product that Dairy Queen had…called a Moo-Latte.  It was so sickening sweet that I threw it away.  Did you ever finish the rest of yours?

  11. I\’ve done the same thing a few times…and I\’m like you. I\’ll just blurt out that they don\’t look familiar. Usually though, I\’m the one who remembers everyone…I always wait for the other person to approach me, just in case they don\’t remember me. 🙂

  12. Hello there,
    thank you for such a sweet comment 🙂 I am sure the carribean is such a nice view on a day to day basis…I could surely get use to waking up to an ocean every morning hehehe
    Love to  you and hope your weekend has been treating you well

  13. This happens to me often- I use to try to fake it, but now that I\’m "older", I \’fess up & blame it on my advancing years 😉

  14. Oh my
    Something that I do on a regular basis. I have also done the oh wow your pregnant comment again when infact they had just put on weight. Yep, I have big feet and I have a big mouth into which they fit.

  15. Aw, don\’t feel too badly. I am not a visual person so I frequently run into people who recognise me, but I don\’t recognise them. Not my fault? So I refuse to feel guilty or put on an act. As to the frapachino, look out, those are so addicting. Hugs, Kat

  16. Oh that is awful! I hate it when that happens. I\’ve had people come up and talk to me and I have no idea who they are. I just pretend to know them because I don\’t want to hurt their feelings. Sometimes after talking a minute, I will figure it out. lol I\’m sure it happens to all of us. At least you were honest! Maybe it will hit you one of these days who she was. 🙂

  17. awww….its all good.
    I once had one of those except it was a 2 hour conversation and the whole time I was trying to figure out who they were…and I still don\’t know 😛

  18. How funny! I find myself in moments like that are where I have problems finding correct words also. I am not a natural people person, some may be shocked. I am a type A, dominate female, sagitarius, etc etc. that sort of thing and I get called down from time to time for accidentally opening my mouth and inserting my foot also.
    I only connect with people I have things in common with and I am sometimes seen as stand-offish and snoody, but I am not really that way, it\’s just perceived of me sometimes.
    Don\’t worry about it, water under the bridge!
    Have a great week!

  19. Wow, I really haven\’t been here in a while!  The weather here has been so nice, that I don\’t have an excuse to keep Conor indoors!  Darn it!  LOL 
    I have that happen to me all the time.  And the problem is that they could be someone that knows me from bartending, I\’m never sure.  What is really embarrassing is when they know how to say my name correctly.  That means they probably actually do know me!!!  I\’m always honest and ask them how do I know them.  I say "Oh the face is familiar……….blah blah"  Then I\’ll make up some reason why I am so forgetful.  The best is having had may tornado!!  Pregnancy can make you forgetful!  So I blame it on that anymore,,,,"Since I had the baby, my memory is just SHOT to pieces!"  Works everytime!!  🙂

  20. I should proofread!  I meant to say the "the best is having had my tornado"

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