Wazhat! Wahzat!

Mischief! mischief!


I admit it I have a little mischeivous streak in me. It must be so, because I get such a kick out of watching mischievous children. Other people’s own naturally.  I also take  great joy in seeing children as mischievous and rambunctiuos as my own. I find my self giggling when I see how the parents are trying to handle the situation.
Recently while at the bank there was this little girl about 5 years old and as tiny as could be, BUT boy was she loud and wriggly. Her auntie was having a hard time trying to contain the mischief, because some how her attempts at swatting her to stop turned into a great ole game of who can slap last, before I pull your hair. All amidst wild uncontrollable laughter. Now we were in the bank, where it is usually very reserved and quiet.
The little girl’s mother who happened to be in front of me in the line turned around and gave her the Mummy glare. It was hilarious to witness, because I so remembered the glare that my mother would shoot down on us girls if we happened to be too naughty in public. Honestly, we were never naughty in public because our mother would never allow it. The glare use to be blinding LOL. The little girl in the bank was no different– at first she defiantly ignored her mother and then she sheepishly and quietly made her way to her mother. Who the good mother that she was, gave her a swat on her butt and a kiss on the head.
My daughter thinks my Mummy glare is the most hilarious thing in the world. So does my son to a certain extent, but he takes heed to it though… my daughter she has no fear!
Some of my favourite mischievous sightings:-
          Puddle jumping
          Pillow fighting after light out
          Jumping on bed after being expressly told not to!
          Sneaking candy into the shopping cart when Mummy’s not looking
          Stealing icing from someelses birthday cake
So what are some of your favourite mischievous moments or best remembered Mummy glare moments?

Author: kidfriendlyja

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14 thoughts on “Mischief! mischief!

  1. Such a lovely pic of your two cuties playing together…Oh and the mischief is something I could never forget hehe…you described some perfect examples of the things my mother would have reason to give us the mommy glare for. Pillow fighting and candy sneaking are major examples, for my sister and I couldn\’t hardly help ourselves hehe
    Hope your week is very lovely

  2. We got the mummy glare when we interrupted her conversations.  We were not allowed in the room when grown-up conversations were taking place, so whoever dared to enter got the mummy glare.  I would just sheepishly turn around and leave, and one of my siblings would be dying of laughter because they knew that I had just gotten the mummy glare.  My mother\’s glare made you feel like disappearing into a huge hole.  However, now that I am older, I give her the same glare back when she asks me a question I don\’t want to answer……..she just laughs and says, "whatever".  yeah, even she says that (hahahaha).  Lovely pic of your kids on the lawn…….have a sweet week.

  3. I remember the mommy glare on the day that I decided to use the wall as a chalk board.  Not only did I get the mommy glare…she got my dad…and I had the daddy stare and lecture…which was even worse than the mommy glare!  I had to clean the crayon marks off that wall and never did that again.  Your descriptions were great!  I can just imagine being in that bank and think back to my own days of mommy glaring.  Hugs!

  4. I don\’t remember my mom having a glare…my father did though. Shudder. That man could intimidate me very easily! lol

  5. I haven\’t any children of my own, but I have 5 niece\’s that "I" give the Mommy Glare to every now and then!! LOL I never thought I would ever use that look because I always wanted to be the Cool & Fun Aunty Colleen! But I have, but it has always been followed by a smile or a giggle from me and them! LOL
    Thanks for the nice comment on my stained glass work. I really appreciate that!
    Have a Great day,

  6. Awww, how sweet!  Girl, I sure do remember the rear occasions of getting a "mommy, auntie, granny or uncle glare", you just have to get one of those and you know immediately to quit whatever you were up to, because when you get home, it will be fire and brimstone on your butt!!  You know how ah good trini beat down/abuse use to be. LOL  You know we dear not go out and embarrass our parents or who so ever adult you were out with.
    I have had quite a few mischievous moments with beau\’s kids…they were an absolute joy to be around (they live in T&T).  Kids are so precious, sometimes you are so angry with them for doing things you tell them not to do, but you just can\’t help but just to grab them and give them the tightest hugs and kisses at those moments, because they put on the most pitiful looks on their faces when they get caught…lol
    P.S.  We had glares like Sherry\’s too! LOL  (when "big people) talking disappear!!

  7. My big thing when Brandon & Garrett were young, they were 3 yrs different in age, so they pretty much acted out at the same time in public to give mom double trouble. So, in the shopping carts I would give them a little pinch under the knee to make them behave. Most of the time this was very effective, until one day at the grocery, Garrett the younger was being rowdy in line and Brandon was running round and round making Garrett act up twice as bad, so i did my pinch under the knee to Garrett. He YELLS at the top of his voice, " STOP PINCHING ME MAMA!", the whole place seemed to go quiet as everyone looked at me. I turned red as a beet. I\’m pretty sure I whispered to him, just wait til we get to the car buddy.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Just stopped in to wish you a great weekend!

  9. Just peeking in to wish you a blessed weekend! Hope all is well your way
    Lots of Love to youjacy

  10. Hey G, how are you and the family doing?  It\’s HOT here today (96 right now) and I have been indoors all day.  I think I will go grocery shopping soon (yawn).  Hope you have a great weekend with the family!

  11. Hi Wahzat!
    Your nieces and nephews are adorable! I think you should take a pic of your "mummy glare" and send it to me so I can show it off in my Friends photo album! 😉

  12. Thanks for taking time out of your busy week to stop by and visit!  You mentioned that you hated to move.  I had been at that house for 25 years, married and divorced years, so I was quite ready to have a fresh start.  It was hard on my sons and the kitties because they had spent all their lives there.  I am sure I would feel the way you do about it if I had to move right now!

  13. Hey G, hope your week has started well.  Came from the gym about an hour ago…..why am I thinking about that ice-cream at Devon House?  Thank God I cannot drive to get it!  Have a great week!

  14. Oh my gosh…my mother had THE GLARE of all glares that would not stop only us, but every other child within a mile from misbehaving.  Such power….. LOL

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