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critters, bugs and creepy crawlies


She in a bit of a rush hurriedly pushes aside the curtain and reaches into the shower to turn on the water. Really feeling the need to rush she hastily brushes aside the feeling of being watched. Quickly undresses, tests the water and then looking down before she steps in (doesn’t want to slip now) she finds herself being oogled by a beady-eyed wiggling and apparently quite antsy baby lizard. Cue in the psycho music now!!!
There is nothing I despise more than lizards, no matter the size or age. So you can only imagine the speed that I grabbed my clothes and flew downstairs bellowing for my husband to get the darn thing out there! Honestly, I can handle cockroaches, even the flying variety, mice, rats, spider, or any of the usual creepy crawlies. But I just can’t take lizards they make my stomache sick. My worse nightmare to date has been being trapped in a house full of lizard of all shapes, sizes and colour. The horror!
This was actually not my first lizard experience in the house that I now call home. When I first moved to Jamaica and into the townhouse we had quite a few incidents with lizards, because the house had been empty for a few months. We disturbed alot of lizards when we moved into ‘their’ home. This particular time I actually saw it wriggling around on the bathroom wall. But it was on the wall and I couldn’t see it again when i went into to shower, so like an ostrich with his head in the sand, I figured if i couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me. So I took my shower and gave my towel a healthy shake and proceed to bury my face in it. And then I noticed a movement. There was the lizard taking a nose dive from my towel!! I almost had a heart attack!
Even though they don’t really scare me I have had some really interesting encounters with some bugs recently! While in Trinidad I was walking along chatting excitedly with my mother when gag I realized a bug flew into my mouth. Now I very calmly tried to spit the offensive bug and that is when it registered…. the thing was crawling on my tongue!! I have never had that happen before. It freaked me out!! They normally die or play dead. Well eventually I pried the thing of my tongue to find a rather attractive looking yellow, with black stripes spider like thing that was equally attracted to my finger. But it flew away before I could get it on camera. And yes I thoroughly scrubbed my tongue out all the while wondering if it was a poisonous. Ok was being a little bit excited!
And at my mother’s house also in Trinidad I saw the largest ant ever. This I had to get on camera, but I am not sure if shows the scale. Trust me it was HUGE. Hey if some one was to say it wasn’t an ant I would say OK.
And finally MICE!
I think mice are cute and if they are on Tom and Jerry they tend be hilarious. BUT I don’t think they are so cool when they are running through my house YIKES!!! There I was relaxing one night and lo and behold there was mister mouse or misses?! Taking a cruise from outside into my house!!! In the seven years that I have been living here this is the first that I have seen one !! I am still in shock!

For some reason I have been ultra busy and particularly stressed and so unable to visit all my friends… but never fear I be around poking around as soon as is possible.
Hope every one had a great weekend and are having a great week!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

9 thoughts on “critters, bugs and creepy crawlies

  1. Oh my!  Where do I begin…first, I am so blessed that you bothered to visit me at all, with a name like Lizzie\’s Lounge and that most of my beginning pictures and stories are of my darling lizard, Lizzie!  She is such a dear and gentle creature…oh well, if you don\’t like them…you don\’t like them.  I would have no problem with being where lizards are, and am a tad jealous of you.
    Anyway, most of the critters you have mentioned are fine with me, except, like you, if they are in my house.  The lizards would be honored guests, however.  LOL
    I really enjoyed your blog, and am leaving with a happy smile on my face.  I am curious.  How do your children feel about the lizards and things?

  2. I could handle the lizard.  BUT THE BUGS?!?!  No way.  I turn into an instant whimp around spiders.  Hate \’em.  There is one kind of garden spider that I\’m OK with.  But all the rest – shivers…..
    That ant is HUGE!!!
    My oldest son would have been in paradise with the lizard and ant!!!

  3. Hey G, I am not afraid of any of the critters that you mentioned.  However, I don\’t want them hanging around like we are friends either:)  I especially hate cockroaches so I am a bit anal about keeping my place clean.
    I was up at 5am today because I wanted to do a 5:45am spin class.  I got back home and it seems that I can\’t recover enough to do any work (sigh).  I swear I will be stuck in Texas for Christmas making up for all this wasted time (bawling).
    Hope your week is going well.  Cheers!

  4. Thanks for coming by and for you very sweet and funny comments!  I found your site through  Sherry\’s site, and am so glad that I have been visiting.  Your daughter is very bright and a real hoot, as well.  Thanks for sharing about that incident!

  5. Ewwww–that ant was completely freaky. 
    I was once at a football game, flappin\’ my gums as always, and then a bug flew in my mouth and hit the back of my throat.  I gagged and tried not to puke since I around my co-workers and everything.  Not my coolest moment.

  6. Hey G, I actually had to take motion sickness tablets when I drove with my friends from Kingston to Ocho Rios.  They work wonders and I never get sick when I take them.  We stopped along the way and ate all kinds of good Jamaican food and I never got sick.  I climbed Dunns River Falls too that day – I had an awesome and I just love that place!  The second time I went was when I was on a cruise so I only had a day there.  Since I had climbed the Falls before, I volunteered to be the photographer for all my friends.
    I have decided to go to the Barnes and Noble internet cafe to get some work done.  Staying home just isn\’t cutting it so maybe a different environment will do me good.  I go to a finance conference next week in Utah and I have two presentations there so I need to get in gear (sigh).  Thanks for your prayers – you are so sweet.  God bless! 

  7. Hey Girl!
    Lizards – no thanks.
    Bugs – Stay away from me.
    Mice – not so much.
    That ant is huge! I thought we had big ants over here!
    I missed you too, Wahzat. My vacation was long, but I sorely needed it.  Still wiping my eyes though… trying to get to the shower….
    I\’ll try and keep in touch more now…just making my rounds…
    take care hon.

  8. I am afraid of all of those heheh…and thank you for such a lovely comment..how sweet of you!
    I hope you have no more instances of encounters with little lizards 🙂 and can\’t wait to hear your list someday:)
    Love to you and a great weekend to you and your family

  9. I think we all have that one creature that we simply cannot tolerate.  Mine is centipedes.  I shudder just thinking about all those legs crawling around my domain.  I can handle snakes, mice, bugs of all descriptions, but a centipede sighting will send me into fits of screaming like a girl.  LOL
    That towel thing…euuuuuu!  I\’d have probably thrown the towel out LOL

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