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Damsel in distress


I am not a princess
I am a girl
very wise words from my three year old when asked to dress up in this princess tiara

I have had three car incidents recently! My husband car died on him last week. Apparently a fuse has blown in the car and it can’t be moved. Who knew that cars had fuses! So now I have to drive him about until he gets the car fixed and being the ‘manly’ man that he is… he is expecting to fix the car himself and no he is not a mechanic, has no training as a mechanic, just loves cars! Hmmm. Anyway so 10 days later I am still chauffeur, if I was on a sitcom I am sure I would have found some cute way to persuade him to call a mechanic already. But no cigar!
Three days after his car dies, I found myself spending a morning at the shop, because my car was overheating apparently a pipe attached to the engine had a hole! Hmmm!
And then being the sometimes lousy driver that I am.. Somehow I drove too close to the sidewalk on the way to dropping the children to school and busted… I mean obliterated my tyre and rim for that matter! Scarlett O’Hara has nothing on me when it comes to being like a Southern Belle. Honestly, if the ground wasn’t so hard or if I had a strong pair of arms around I probably would have swooned with the distress!! I am really dismayed by my girlieness sometimes. I like to think of myself as this Strong, Independent can handle any situation kinda of woman and all I can do is freak when I blow out a tyre!! Especially since I could find no one to help via phone! Even though I know my husband was without car I rang every number that he has (3) all to no avail! Luckily, I thought I was stranded by a gym. There must be some one male to help me. Sure! the gym was crammed with WOMEN.. who all looked at me, with my children in tow, and responded to my flat tyre story with "Oh so you need to make a call!" Fortunately, the owner of the gym was there and he helped me with my tyre. Hey at least I knew where they keep the spare and the device they use to raise the car up. I was exhausted after looking at this guy fix my tyre! God I pray that I am never stranded on a deserted road with a flat tyre, because honestly I will not be able to fix it. POUT!!

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13 thoughts on “Damsel in distress

  1. LOL!  That\’s why you get those new tires that repair themselves long enough to get you to a fix-it shop! 🙂

  2. That has happened to me a few times, as well.  When I was in my early 20\’s I had a flat and went to the side of a busy road.  The good news…I had a few gentleman offer to put the new tire on, and accepted since there were so many cars passing, and all could see what was going on.
    Another time, some years later, a tire blew out on my way home from work.  This time I did not try to pull over.  I was about a mile from where I had recently bought that tire, and so mad that it burst, I drove slowly directly to the tire shop.  The replaced it for free, which is exactly what their garantee promised.
    It really is hard enough, being a female at those times, isn\’t it?   I am so glad that the owner helped you with the tire!  You will have to forgive me for laughing so hard at the way you described your dilema  Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like you\’re done–don\’t bad things come in threes?  All women in the gym?  Sounds about right–these days women are SO into health and men are still content to play touch football at home.

  4. I think I could change a flat tire, but I have never had to do it completely on my own.  I too hope that I am never stranded with a flat tire – it is such a chore to change!   Your husband must have one of these European cars that have computers managing everything……these are the ones that usually get blown fuses.  I hope he fixes it soon:)  Take care, G, and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Probably, if I HAD too I could figure out the tire thing…but motor league was invented for a reason and a phone call is much simpler then digging through the trunk of the car.
    And WHAT is it about men and HAVING to fix their own cars whether they have a clue or not?  I feel your pain.  LOL
    Hope you\’re having an awesome weekend!
    Oh..and I did get myself some coconut milk for the rice and peas.  MUCH easier to use so thanks for the reminder. 🙂 

  6. I think I could change a tire if I had to.  The best is the first car I ever had was a Chevy Chevette.  I had it for a year, when one day it wouldn\’t start,….at all.  Kike (my Venezuelan "brother") was visiting at the time and he checked under the hood and brought out what I now know to be the air filter!  He asked me when was the last time I had changed it.  To which I replied "I\’ve never changed anything on it.  What is it?  Am I supposed to change it?"   I thought Kike was going to have a stroke!! 🙂  Live and learn!

  7. Sorry to hear about your car troubles, that is no fun!  I was just thinking the other day, while driving down a very busy road, what would I do if my tire blew out?  I wouldn\’t have the first idea!  I would probably pull over to the side of the road, call my  husband (who would hopefully answer the phone) and then just sit there till he came to rescue me. 
    I\’m so pathetic lol
    Hope you\’re having a good weekend, despite the car issues!  Go eat some chocolate, you\’ll feel better!
    God bless : )

  8. Hey G, I had gone out and got home a little late.  Then I watched Men In Trees on ABC, which I had recorded and then came online, hence the reason I was up at that hour:) Then before I knew it, I had to be up for spinning class at 8:15am (yikes!).  I am doing the impossible today…..the tv is completely off while football is on so that I could get some work done.  I am making progress……thanks for your prayers.

  9. Hello, long time no hear. Sorry for your horrible auto luck recently! I am sure that if I could get the car jacked up and the lug nuts off, I could change a tire, but those other two things are what I worry about. Luckily I have not had to find out yet. Hope you have been well other than your luck! So how do tickets work in Jamaica? Here we have the ponits system and after so many tickets they suspend your driving privileges for 6 months to a year then make you get ridiculously high auto insurance rates for a year just to get your license back. A really big pain. Luckily they allow us 12 points before all that happens. Each ticket is usually 4 points.
    Well back to football. 24/7 it seems. I have read soooo many books lately while listening to football in the background and it\’s still early in the season. I should be very well read by Christmas! LOL
    Well amazing race is coming on I love that show, have watched every one in the past, then desperate housewives! Freedom from football alas!

  10. Good Monday to you!
     I hate to hear that you have had to fix a flat…I\’ve never had to do anything like that…I would be so scared lol I did have to help my mom one very very early morning and we couldnt hardly see it was so foggy…
    Thanks for the weekend wishes I hope yorus was lovely.
    Here\’s to a great week ahead
    Love to you

  11. If it\’s any comfort, please know that I can totally relate to the husband who likes to fix his cars HIMSELF, no cell phone, flat-tire, distressed damsel scenario…once I had two tires blow in unison!!!!!! And yes, I pouted up a storm.
    So far though, I have always been graciously rescued by the closest good samaritan.  
    Wishing you a wonderful, car-trouble free week.

  12. No football Saturday was ok – got lots of work done, which was my aim.  Sunday was much of the same – only watched the Cowboys/Eagles game so got lots of work done too.  I am so happy that my mojo seems to be coming back:)  I am off to Utah on Wednesday until Saturday for a conference.  Have a sweet week.

  13. Oh girl, I feel your pain.  I grew up around too many cars, becasue daddy is a machanic by trade, and was in business, so I know how to change a flat if I should ever have one (God forbid)…but I certainly will be calling AAA or HERO or some sort of roadside assistance!!  LOL

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