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Give me some sand quick!


Some days I just wish I was an ostrich and I could just hide my head in the sand.
Well my car woes still linger. Whatever was the problem last week is still there and now the car needs to overnight at the mechanics. Bummer!
I feel as if I have let my son down, by deciding to keep him at play school for a year longer. For one thing all of his friends have moved on and left him for big school. Even though he can’t fully express it I know he misses them. Also I think he finds the other children to kinda young for him. So he still likes school, but he is not as gungho as he was.
And you may remember his old shadow is no longer there and you know what he is really not gelling with this new shadow. But shhh! the new shadow doesn’t know this, because my son is quite pleasant.
I also have been finding myself stumbling when people realize that both children are in the same class. See I haven’t told many people that he is autistic. I don’t want people lowering their opinion of him or treating him different… because he is a fabulous kid! And I am not being too biased. So I find myself ignoring the questions in their eyes or trying to find a way to fill a pregnant pause.
Most days I could care less about what other people think! God has blessed me with two angels and they have both enriched my life in so many ways. But some days I find myself slipping into wishing that I could find a way to take away this uncertain path that my sweet baby has to take. And on days like these I find that if I could, I would make like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand!

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22 thoughts on “Give me some sand quick!

  1. Your boy sounds like he is such a little angel from God…he is beautiful and sounds so smart and with a mother like you, making great decisions for him as you do, I am sure that he will grow up to be a wonderful and amazing man, with God right there by his side. Sometimes he sends us hardships along the way, but as long as we keep him in our hearts our minds and our soul he will always be there with us in our time of need. I pray that he is always with you adn your little boy.
    Love to youJacy

  2. You sound pretty human to me 🙂
    Sure, we like to think we should be perfect in our parenting, but the fact is it can\’t be done.  We\’ll always second guess our decisions because we don\’t have that elusive component to the equation, the result.
    You can be proud that you\’re doing the absolute best for your son.  Just remind yourself of that on these kind of days.
    Hug hug
    Barb 🙂 

  3. Thanks for the books on your blog.  I am investigating my daughter\’s (Asperger\’s Syndrome) autism.  They have diagnosed her with OCD for many years.  It is heart wrenching at times but my daughter is wonderful and she brings the best out of me!  I need to look at somemore books.  I need to add you to my blog list.  Best Wishes!

  4. My wisdoms live yet another day…

  5. My Garrett, the middle son has had ADHD since Kindergarten and it has been a long hard road his entire life. I also shun the questions as to why he is almost 17 years old and only a sophomore. We had to hold him back twice. Going from one medication to another, dealing with one temper tantrum to the next while waiting on the medication to work, etc.etc. It is definitely not easy. But there is always someone close in your lives who have it worse. My very close and most favorite cousin has a bipolar daughter. She is a single mom trying to homeschool her daughter who has completely turned her life upside down and she has been told by professionals that she may "never", function in a normal society. She is violent and has rages, etc. I look at my poor cousin and the situation she is in and I thank god above for my wonderful boys. And at the same time I say why? That is her only child, she wanted a child soooo badly and why. Now she CAN\’T have any more children and lives in a day to day he_ _. Sorry. But it makes you wonder why sometimes.
    Didn\’t mean to go off on a rant, but I love children so much. Be proud of your little angel and don\’t you worry about what other people might think!
    Hugs and Blessings!

  6. There is no doubt in my mind that your son is blessed to have you for his mom!  In your writing, I can see your watchful and intuitive mother eyes, as you are looking out for his best interests.  He will do well because of that, and you are also helping others by sharing about it.  I can also see that he is bright and responsive to that loving care.  What we feel like, is often at odds with that intentional reasoning love, that helps us to make the right choices.  Feelings will change…real love doesn\’t.  God bless you, for expressing that struggle so well! 

  7. P.S.
    Your paintings are beautiful!


  9. I totally understand the whole ostrich thing! lol
    Doesn\’t feel like I was ever featured now. I had a week of semi-fame and now it seems like oh so long ago. Yep, those were the good ole days. haha

  10. autistic…that is great…i don\’t mean that rudely either…but it\’s such an interesting situation and the fact that you get to help your child learn…back in the day people were told that their children were that way because of parenting skills…the fact that the parents were lacking…and that the children should be sent away…now they encouraging parents to keep their children in their homes is the person is not viloent to help nourish their child minds and encourage them through life…it is also great that you feel blessed…some people would feel it to be a burden…
    my cousin has a child that needs just about 24 hour care…many thing have been wrong with this child…she once told me it was like when she planned for her other chilren and it all turned out ok…this child is just different…she needs more care but in return she show my cousin that there are simple things in life that people overlook that mean so much…i see this in her too…the little things do matter…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t… :o)

  11. You are right – God has indeed blessed you with an angel and I could just imagine the joy he has brought into the family.  I know it must be hard sometimes, but instead of burying your head in the sand (which is what I want to do sometimes myself), look up to the heavens, give Him thanks, and just ask for a little guidance and strength along the way.  Don\’t put too much pressure on yourself…….you are an awesome mom!  Leaving for the airport now to head back to Texas.  Take care and lots of hugs and kisses from me to you.

  12. Hello G
    I am glad you drop in. By the way, loving the colours in your pics (You like to paint) Sunset is very very cool.
    Glad you shared.
    Be safe

    I am coming here over Marilyn\’s space. Your space is very nice. I will visit again, to read more.
    Have a nice weekend,

  14. Well, you have to do what you have to do for your child.
    You don\’t have to tell people ANYTHING!  They will come to their own conclusions about why your son stayed back.  Or you could say something vague like, "little Billy has some special needs and we just want to make sure he\’s fully ready to start school.  We\’re not rushing our little guy"
    This may seems huge nowk, but you will know later that you did the right thing.

  15. Don\’t even fret about that. People will ALWAYS have something to say, no matter what. You know what\’s best for your children. God will give you the wisdom you need to make the right decisions, just ask him (James 1:5). You are a great mom, and it is very obvious that you love both your children…that\’s WAY more important than what people are thinking. I know it can be hard, but hang in there.
    Thanks for the visit, and for asking about work…it\’s going…this past couple weeks have not been as stressful (YEAH!)
    Have a great week! Lots of hugs and blessings,

  16. Awww, God has a purpose, God has a plan.  Everything happens for a reason.  So don\’t you feel like you have to be afraid or ashamed of anything.  Your son being that way, is all in the Fathers plan.  Hug him, kiss him, love him.  Hey, some folks can\’t even have a child, and I am sure they will not mind having one who is autistic……you\’ve been truly blessed!  You\’ve got one who is EXTRA SPECIAL!!

  17. Bless your heart…
    He\’s such a precious little fellow and I can\’t help but think that God must have something extra special in store for him. And how very blessed he is to get to have you for his Mom.
    Much love to you and may God encourage your heart today…

  18. Thank you everyone for all your heartfelt comments and blessings. I am honoured to have you all to keep me inspired and grounded.

  19. Hey G, just stopping by to say hello and hope your week is going well.  I tried kickboxing today – need to get the choreographed steps down but I will stick with it.  My arms hurt so I guess that\’s a good thing:)

  20. Well, I jsut wouldn\’t say anything to people, it\’s none of their business.  Of course, You live on an island.  I would imagine that is like living in a small town.  Everyone knows most everyone.  I think that KM\’s suggestion was a great one.  But you\’re little one is your angel.  I remember a line from a movie, "There\’s a special God for children".  And He sent you this lprecious one because He know that you would always try to do right by him.  By both your children. 

  21. I\’m sorry you\’re having to struggle with this.  Just remember, God is in control and He will work everything out.  
    God bless : )

  22. Hey! did you know that i work with autistic kids? Most people pass judgement because they don\’t know what it is, they think it\’s a form of redardation. Don\’t be affraid to tell people about your son. See it as a way of spreading the word about it. The more people know what autism is, the more "accepted" those who are autistic will be. But i can understand if you\’re uncomfortable with it. Take care!

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