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There is just too much kissing on Disney!!


Ok so it is official I am a PRUDE!! Just hand over the grannie dress right now!
I mean I must be a prude if I am watching a show on Disney and I feel compelled to cover my children eyes. Don’t get me wrong I still love the shows on Disney channel, but alot of the shows focus too heavily on little girls oogling and googling over little boys. So what prompted this outburst you asked… it was the lastest Hannah Montana episode. My children love it because she breaks into song alot and even dances. But for the last few episodes she has been boy crazy and tonight she kissed the boy… SIGH no wonder my daughter at three is fascinated by the whole kissing thing and is always ready to give kisses. It must be confusing to her.
And I  know those of you who are familiar with the Disney Channel, would probably say well then don’t watch Hannah Montana or Raven or Naturally Sadie or Living with Derek or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh yes Mickey is always kissing Minnie or Minnie is always kissing Mickey and same goes for Donald and Daisy and there is a whole lot of blushing. Albeit it is on the cheek  And notice I haven’t mentioned the movies, however, they tend to be relatively kiss free, kinda!
So I am a prude and that’s the fact because I think that there is too much kissing on Disney Channel!

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15 thoughts on “There is just too much kissing on Disney!!

  1. I\’ll be a prude with you. :)~ I don\’t think our babes should be even thinking about kissing for a very very VERY long time. Maybe when she\’s 30 LOL

  2. Hmmm.  I just said I wasn\’t a prude in my latest blog but might have to change that after reading yours.  =)  You have such a wonderful sense of humour!  I am trying to find mine, these days…lol.

  3. I always find that the channels that are meant for kids have too much stuff that kids shouldn\’t be watching. I guess I am a prude too, but at least I don\’t have any kids – they would not watch tv (hahaha)!  Actually, my dad did not allow us to watch tv until I was about 11 years old so I didn\’t grow up watching tv at all.  I think he was on to something but I think kids nowadays would go crazy without tv.

  4. Oh, hope your weekend was a fun one.  It just flew by for me!

  5. Hello Friend I am sorry I havent had much time to visit as often as I would like to, but I have certainly missed coming by!
    About the Disney channel…I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I think I actually seen a Hannah Montanna episode about boyfriends and girlfriends…you think they would try to avoid things like that for the younger children who are inflluenced…What is the world coming to…sigh
    Love to you and I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

  6. And isn\’t that Minnie a bold one?  Always batting those long mousey eyelashes at Mickey? 😉  Well, Miss Prude, ((smile))  I agree with you. It seems there is always a reason to monitor what our kids watch these days.

  7. i totally agree…but i am more along the lines of disney movies…they are SO not for kids anymore…adult humor, kissing galore…what in the world!?  we don\’t have cable, so i don\’t know much about the disney channel (and elizabeth is a little young to even care about the TV)…i do like pbs kids though….sometimes even for myself! ha!  it beats some of the news programs in the morning!

  8. ya…you might be right…don\’t have cable…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t… :o)

  9. Well, I keep Conor watching either the Noggin channel or PBS Sprout, it\’s pretty much all for preschoolers.  I have to watch my father though.  He doesn\’t always pay attention to what he is watching with Conor in the room.  I looked one day while I was making dinner and Conor is sitting in his lap and dad is watching a very violent movie.  I told him he had to change that!!
    Have a good one

  10. LOL…..oh boy!  What can I contribute to this?  I am really not into these shows, but I do see the previews while channel surfing.  However, I never noticed the smooching.  I am a documentary fanatic, so I mostly watch Court TV or discovery or something like, when I am not "murdering" my bank accounts on QVC!! 
    But hey, if the smooches are a bit too much for the kids, get them good ol\’ popeye and smurf\’s dvd\’s or something from back in the days.  You know, stuff we use to love to watch when we were their ages.  Oh, the good thing with the smooches though, well hopefully, they are seeing that it is "Male & female"!!!

  11. Thanks for remembering, G.  It is a meeting with my supervising professor, and I must be prepared but things are going slowly.  I just don\’t know what has happened to my brain…….I think all the comprehensive exams and the oral exam just killed my brain:)  I am praying for renewed strength to get through the next 9 or 10 more months.  My faith alone is keeping me going right now.

  12. so funny–but I know what you mean.  But I do think that the demographic is VERY obsessed with the opposite sex, and that\’s why they do it.  Appealing to their market.

  13. I just love it when you visit and really appreciate your kind comments!

  14. Funny you should post about this…it is one of my particular pet peeves…children have such amazing and beautiful imaginations…they don\’t need flirting or crushes or kissing to be entertained…I feel so strongly about this. Just call me a fellow prude.

  15. I have 3 daughters and I have fought to find innocence for my girls…Disney really bothered me when they were young and I guess, maybe I have given up (ages 13 and 8).  IT IS EVERYWHERE!!!  Hide under rock maybe?
    My 16 years old daughter hates all TV so there are no pproblems there!  For my girls, we watch Disney but I don\’t want any other channels except Nick and they are good about it.  Sometimes I watch with them and we talk about the reality.  I remind them that their reality will be different when they are around the teen scene. 

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