Wazhat! Wahzat!

I see red!!


So I look like a demon child from out of one of those scary movies.
I woke up this morning to red, puffy swollen eyes!
Hey I scared my self… I didn’t even know I was sick. This sucks…. I have conjunctivitis or pink eye as the Jamaicans say or red eye as the Trinidadians say! Not fun so my eyes hurt and now my head is hurting even after I ran off to the doctor and got me some eyedrops, antibiotics and antihistamine.
Well to be honest the doctor hasn’t come out and said conjuctivitus to me, she swabbed my eyes and sent it off to the lab to be tested, the results however would not be available until next week, which i know God’s willing would be too late, because I would no longer have red eyes and would be totally normal.
So until then I would be the one in the sunglasses, because like the demon child that I look like I have an intolerance for sun. 
(Just hoping and praying that the children don’t get it!)

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

13 thoughts on “I see red!!

  1. Ouchie!  Pink eye hurts.  Hope the drops work soon.  But maybe you should hang onto the sunglasses a few more days, just to be sure.  🙂

  2. Ouch!  I hope you\’re feeling better soon! 
    Thanks for stopping by my space.  It\’s always nice to \’meet\’ new friends.  Take care of yourself.  -T

  3. Oh my!  I\’m sorry that you have gotten red eye, like the St. Lucians say.  I heard that it is just awful!  I have never had it (knock on wood).  I do hope you get better soon and that the kids are spared since it would just be such an uncomfortable thing for them to have.  Take care and I will check in on you again.

  4. Sorry about that!  I have had Pink Eye (as they called in in the States…officially conjunctivitis) and it is truly yucky.  I will be praying you heal quickly.  Whenever I used to get it I would always changed mine and the children\’s bed sheets, rinsed my children\’s eyes, or mine if they had it, with a weak boric acid solution each day for a week.  You can buy that at a pharmacy for cheap and make bunches of it.  It is one of the main ingredients in the eye drops that sooth and clear red eyes and helps reduce infection.   As a teacher, it was so easy to get things from my students, as well.  I washed my hands frequently and used the solution and it did help many times to prevent the rest of the family getting it.  Have a wonderful Friday and as you head into the weekend.

  5. Hi!  So glad I found your space!  I love your drawings, especially seashore.  I\’m so sorry you have conjunctivitis.  I\’ve never had it, but some in my family have and I know it is awful.  Hope it gets better soon.  Please stop by sometime!  Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh you poor baby.  That so totally sucks.  I hope that you feel better soon.  Just figure that in sunglasses you\’re a supermodel!!  🙂

  7. Oh yuck!!  I remember getting "Red eye" back home.  Horrible, horrible, horrible!!  I know how you feel….just being sick is miserable.  I know because I just recovered from that yucky flu too!!
    Get well trini sista.  If you were in the "mother country" somebody would have told you to put some breast milk in your eye or wash it with some kind of bush….damn, I forget the name of the bush!  LOL
    Don\’t pass that thing to those kids though…you will be sorry!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Hey G, how are you doing today?  Are you still seeing very red?  MY meeting with my dissertation advisor went well.  I was a tad bit nervous because he is an old, smart man and I knew he would ask some very pointed questions.  Anyway, I did well and I can move on to some more research and writing.  I would love to graduate in May and I am still aiming for that, but August might be more feasible.  We will see.  Anyway, take care, feel better and try to enjoy the weekend.  Hugs.

  9. Hello, a new friend comes by~~it sounds like inflamation if it is really puffy swollen ~~but do not worry it too ,it much~~take it easy~~Have a nice weekend and forget about it
    Hugs and Kisses from Bobby

  10. Glad your eyes are better, friend!

  11. Hey G, hope you are feeling better.  It\’s freezing here…..brrrrrr!

  12. May you recover soon my friend…

  13. Oh honey…no fun! How are you today? I remember having pink-eye as a kid. It was so not fun.
    Lots of love and prayers that you are on the up-swing from Annabelle and I,

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