Wazhat! Wahzat!

back to normal!


Oh it is so great looking through eyes that are clear and white. And it is even greater that my children are happy and healthy and have not gotten an inkling of the demon eye . Thank you all for wishing me better, because guess what it worked!!
And I couldn’t have gotten better at a more convenient time!! Cinemax had Star Wars marathon weekend!!! And I am not ashamed to say that I did nothing all weekend, but watch all the episodes of Star Wars over and over and over. I am such a child. Each time I watched one it felt like the first time ( oh by the by we do have two of the prequels on DVD). And where were the children you ask, oh they were sitting next to us ( yes my husband sat and watched with me) until they got bored can you imagine and then they were allowed to rearranged the house in what ever manner they wanted to and then they were let loose on the neighbours.
But I wasn’t all that bad some where in there I was able to feed them, take them to church and even gave them some pool time and cuddle time.
Sigh I am just a Star Wars junkie!!
And to you my friends who are probably thinking I am mad and clearly delusional. I am sorry but I had to get it off my chest, I am just a sci-fi nut at times. And to those of you who understand – May the Force be with you!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

5 thoughts on “back to normal!

  1. Well somebody is better thank God!!  Hey girl, I\’m glad to know that you are seeing the world through clear eyes once more!!  I still have a bit of an annoying cough, but it is going away with each passing day.  But it didn\’t stop me from galavanting all over the place this weekend (Chirstmas shopping and making mischief)
    I am not into Star Wars and those types of movies…but I did have all the toys as a child!  Beats me…I have absoultey no idea why!
    Poor kids always have to endure…lol…..poor things, I can only imagine. 
    Oh, please keep the force with you!  Thanks…lol!!
    Have a great week trini sista!!

  2. Hi G, well I do understand.  I am not a Star Wars freak, but I am a football freak so it\’s kind of the same thing.  I don\’t know what I did this weekend except watch football and yap on the phone.  I did make it to church as well and to the supermarket.  I am so mad, though, because I left the store without detergent so I have yet to do my laundry (sigh).  Oh well, I will get around to it sometime…..hopefully before Thanksgiving (hahahaha).  Take care and have an awesome week!

  3. Hey Wahzat, actually I am princess before 6 beers, ha ha!!!
    I am glad that you are okay now.
    I was a Star Wars junkie too buddy.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Well I am glad that you are better! And that your eyes are clear and white too! 😀 How was the star wars? I have never been much on it…but I always kinda wished I was lol..does that make any sense? I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Love and Hugs to you my friend

  5. I\’m glad your eyes are back to normal.  Just in time for Stars Wars, too.  My son, Seth, likes Star Wars.

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