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It’s all about the shoes honey!!


My children love shoes.
At age three you can get my daughter to do almost anything for the promise of the wear of a new pair of shoes. And I tested this out recently. She was having a bad day. On weekends she very rarely eats unless I give her cake and candy and sorry I donot give in to such terrorist demands. And this weekend was no different except I think she got gas, which caused her little tummy to gripe so even when I  resorted to all the sweet treats she still would not eat.. she didn’t want me to hold her, BUt she didn’t want me to not not hold her! And all the while wailing up a storm.
So at the end of my wits I was like sweetie I would let you wear the pretty pink shoes if you promise to stop crying Ok! So she looks at me between the tears stunned, you see I had hidden the shoes away because she kept wanting to wear them even though they were two sizes too big. WELL when she realized I was serious all signs of tears, bawling and redness were instantly sucked right back in and the Biggest brightest smile was plastered on her face for about three hours after and I am not even exaggerating. And the shoes have not been off her feet since.
Now my son at 5 is showing how very much of a boy he is. He loves a black flip flop on a cute girl. Normally he shies away from too much physical contact from strange people. But give him a girl in a black flip flop and if she is cute, boy he would be in her lap in no time flat asking for hugs. If she is not so cute well it takes a short while longer.
Case in point- We went to the beach recently and I saw him looking intently in the direction of drinks stall and no matter what I said he kept staring over at the stall. Until eventually he made his way closer and closer and that was when I saw the woman who was sitting in the stall and what she was wearing. They were black flip flops with sequins. And she was shaking her leg. Now sorry I am not being mean but she was not that cute… that is why my son took his time, but the shoes were so cool that eventually he was following her around back and forth as she tended to her wares, and when I became impatient and said Hey honey lets go in the water! He proceeds to go to this strange woman and asks for a hug!! Oh the woman was besides her self, talking about how I have to watch this one, because he is a playa waiting to happen, as she glows excitedly at my son’s affection. I didn’t  have the heart to tell her that "It’s all about the shoes, Honey!!"
( I would have added some pictures, but I dropped my camera and now it is on the blink SOB!!!)

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6 thoughts on “It’s all about the shoes honey!!

  1. Hey G, I am a flip flop girl myself so maybe your son will take to me:)  I wish I could wear flip flops all the time, but sadly I can\’t.  How was your trip?  I hope you had a wonderful time shopping nonstop.
    Yes I know what parang music is.  They play it at home on the radio during Christmastime.  Plus, I lived with a Trini roommate when I was in college in Canada, and my brother is married to a Trini, and I have other Trini friends so you know………I am down with the parang (hahaha).    I am happy you will get to go home this year for Christmas.
    I have this week off because I gave my students an extra day off for Thanksgiving.  I just got home from the gym so I will relax for a bit and then hopefully do some work.  Take care and have a fantastic week!

  2. Flip-flops are big here in Canada.  As a child, and teen, it was the shoe of choice for me, for casual wear, whether popular or not!  When we moved to the States, I was so disappointed that they weren\’t as available in the area that I lived.  By the time I was 35, they did become more popular in our area.  Now that I am back in Canada, I can enjoy them to my hearts content, in comfort and relaxation.
    Your daughter and son are absolutely adorable!  I love to read about their antics and makes them tick.  You are a very observant and loving MOM. 

  3. Oh my gosh, that is SOOOO funny! Looks like you know what makes your kids tick… use it to your advantage. hahaha
    No Thanksgiving here in Germany. That\’s why we know the German restaurants will be open. All the Americans are celebrating, but I don\’t see the point in making a huge meal for four people. So we will have a nice meal out. It\’s been a while since we\’ve been to a nice German restaurant. We heard of one that we want to try. Two different people told us how awesome it is. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It will be weird not having turkey and dressing though!

  4. You should see Conor in the grocery store working the little old ladies!!  He\’s a right little flirt.  Too cute about the shoes.  So both your kids have shoe fetishes!!!  LOL 🙂
    Have a good week

  5. Too funny about the shoes. And your son is already a flirt.  Better watch that young man. ;)Have a great Holiday.

  6. LOL…..Kids!  Your daughter is off the chain.  Whatever happened to the pain? Pain, what pain?  Did you say I could wear those shoes?  LOL.  She\’s right yes, as long as I look cute, there is no such thing as pain!!  Oh gosh to the poor "not too cute" lady at the beach.  I hope she had a pedicure to go with the flip flops!  I hope you son can tell the difference in well kept feet too…….that is important, Mega important!

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