Wazhat! Wahzat!

Ok where am I?


OK it is COLD, Blustery and windy!! So where am I? No this couldn’t be Jamaica? It feels more like London or New York.
So I exaggerate a little but for Jamaica it is COLD! I have on two t-shirts and a jeans jacket and it is still nippy!! Yikes I need to go further down south  much closer to the equator.
WoW and I complained about the heat of summer. Honestly, though with this dip in temperature during the day it is cool and nice, but tonight it is just too chilly.
Hope everyone is keeping well and warm!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Ok where am I?

  1. Cold there?  I just have to ask…what is the temperature there?  You have me so very curious!  Thanks for stopping by… and I always enjoy your comments.  I found a set of Santa hats at the Dollar Store.  They were originally made to hang on a tree, but I improvised and thought it was a great size for Lizzie\’s head.  You can buy special lizard outfits but they can end up costing more than I am willing to spend.  Lizzie is a little over 20 inches long and that is a good size for a bearded dragon.  I hope you enjoyed your Florida trip.  One of my favorite things about Christimas is to see the excitement of children.  So many of the things that your children say are just priceless!  I hope you are keeping them recorded for future reference.

  2. Woman, behave eh!!  What cold are you talking about?  What if you had to wake up to below freezing temps. and get out in it to get to work too?!  Right now it is 43 degrees here and going to 34!  I\’m wearing a wool sweater, sweat pants, socks and fluffy slippers!  Plus the heat is on!  I\’m cold…you\’re not!!  LOL  It\’s not winter as yet by the way!   

  3. I didn\’t know it got cold there.  Brrrrrrrr. 😉

  4. Found you by way of Siobhan\’s space. I thought that I would drop by and check things out a little.  It is kinda hard to believe that Jamsica is cold…. but I will believe you if you say so.

  5. Let the cold weather get you in the Holiday mood! It is finally cold here. I thought it was never coming, but yeah it got here in time for Thanksgiving. Our weather person says that we will continue to have strange weather patterns this year due to El Nino again! The good news is he also said we WOULD get some snow this year. Well I won\’t hold my breath! Of course here when 10 or 12 flakes fall we get so excited that the whole town closes down. Us "southerners" can\’t even seem to drive in the rain, little on SNOW!
    Stay warm, drink lots of hot cocoa!
    Hugs, Laura

  6. Trust me.  It\’s warmer than Minnesota.  Jean jacket?  Try feather down parka!  I know it\’s all realitive to what you\’re used to though.  Hope it warms up soon:)  -T

  7. Are you teasing, G:)?  Then again, I know exactly what you mean because when I go to St. Lucia at Christmas time, my mum is usually in a cardigan at night!  I just shake my head (smile).  Hope your week is going well, hon. 

  8. Two tee shirts, eh? Show us a pic .. lol.
    Here in the US we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow (Thursday). Even though it may not be a holiday in Jamaica (or is it?), here\’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thank you for the visit and the kind words.  It is getting cold.  It is 11 degrees centigrade here in Tokyo and this is as high as it will go today. Tonight, the temperature will drop to 4 degrees centigrade. Hugs, Marie

  10. You have me giggling now, dear friend, that you think 70 is cold and blustery.  I can appreciate that is would seem cold to you, though…tittering and giggling some more…I just can\’t help it!  When I lived in Virginia…we thought 70 was such a lovely temperature, because we weren\’t sweltering in the usual 85-100 degree summers.  Does the humidity bother you at all or is it just normal?  Have a blessed rest of your week and weekend!

  11. crazy…our weather here is unseasonably warm…perhaps we should trade places!  although…what is cold to you is pretty warm to me…its in the mid-60s and I\’m calling it cold! HA!  Hope it warms up!

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