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In Memorium


Today December 5 was a dear blogger – Willba’s memorial service. I know not many of you knew that I ever visited Mud Treasures space. But I did I was in awe with her gusto for life and her ability to overcome so many obstacles. I was really in shock that a miracle didn’t occur and that she didn’t win this battle. Sigh! She was reallly a great inspiration to a lot of us. She will be missed.
Coincidentally, today was also the day that a long time family friend was laid to rest after he too succumbed to cancer. Death I realized is no easier if you are not as close to some one or if it is someone that you have known for your whole life. Death reminds you of those who have already gone and allows you a moment to cherish the time that was, when they were around and life was different.
As I write this I fondly remember a dear friend, someone  I knew since he was 1 and I was 5. December 24 would be 1 year since he gave up on life. Christmas will forever be odd for my family and his.
So I remember with fondness knowing full well that the ache of missing may dull with time, but honestly will never go away!
Goodbye my friends, rest in peace!

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8 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. I\’m so sorry for your losses.  That\’s so hard.  I just blogged about this very thing this morning.  I\’ll keep you in my prayers!God bless 🙂

  2. Im so sorry to hear that…I\’ll definitely be praying for you and her family. Sometimes we don\’t see miracles happen in cases like these because we don\’t look at the depth of the situation. Maybe the miracle lies beneath in a sense that God needed her for something very special. I am sure she will be missed!
    Much love to you and hope all is well

  3. Hi G, yes death indeed is a difficult thing to bear. We have to be strong and hold on to the good memories that we shared with those who have gone on.  During this time, I pray that you and your family will find the grace to be joyful even in the midst of these difficult memories.

  4. Now why did you have to ask about the knitting:)?  Girl, I have not knitted since the urge left me……….and that was not long after I got the urge (hahahaha).  Oh well, at least I am able to stick to that degree right?
    Our finance dept is having our Christmas party today.  The food smells sooooooo good so I am sitting in my office waiting for midday so I could get some grub:)

  5. Your blog touched my heart, and caused me to think of the loved ones that I, or friends, have lost during holiday seasons.  I didn\’t know Willba either but her fragrance will live on, as will the memories of our other loved ones.

  6. Hey girl, I didn\’t know that Wilba passed on until a couple days ago when I visited somebody\’s space and saw a tribute.  It\’s sad to know that she didn\’t make it.  But you know what?  To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  She\’s in a better place now.  No more worrying about bills, pain, suffering, credit, the troubles of this world are no more for her.

  7. I had no idea. . . I knew that I hand\’t seen her around, but I didn\’t know. . I am without words.  Thank you for remembering her.

  8. Wilba was an inspiration in msn spaces and in real life I am sure to her family and friends.
    I miss reading her blog. In some ways she was a miracle in people\’s lives in many different ways.

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