Wazhat! Wahzat!

Hope the Season was safe, but Merry!


Well I am back!!
Just got in from Trinidad today and I am exhausted. Christmas was fabulous albeit really, really tiring. I meant to post a Merry Christmas greeting to all my friends before I left, sorry but time ran away from me and all of a sudden I was in Trinidad without internet access. (My sister who I stayed by never saw the need for it before now Strange cookie!
Of course had my full of sorrel, punche de creme and also enjoyed all the parang and family time. So when I have claimed back some of the sleep I lost on the plane ride to Jamaica I’ll be back to go into a little more detail about my trip to Trinidad.
I do hope that the Season was safe, but Merry and because I am Catholic and believe that Christmas continues until January the sixth I will wish each and every one Happy Happy Christmas!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Hope the Season was safe, but Merry!

  1. Hi G, I thought you were staying in T\’dad until after the New Year.  Sounds like you had a great Christmas, island-style.  I missed that a bit this year but hopefully, I will make up for it next year.  I did have a good time here with some friends so the holidays were indeed fun.  Take care and many many blessings to you and your family for the New Year, and always.  Hugs.

  2. No, I didn\’t go home this year, but I had a grand time with some friends.  I will go home in March or May……haven\’t made up my mind yet.

  3. G,
    So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and arrived back home saftely.  Have a blessed rest of your week and a Happy New Year!

  4. Welcome home my friend. happy you are back safe and soon to be sound, after you catch up on your lost sleep. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas filled with loving family and wonderfully interesting food. how is sorrel used and is it sour? i know what a sorrel tree is, but I have never had an occasion to taste it or cook with it. Sounds very exotic and interesting.
    God bless you my friend and Happy New Year. Hugs~Marilyn~

  5. Glad you had such a great time.  Just wanted tostop by and wish you a very happy and healthy new year!!

  6. I\’m glad you made it back safely from your travels!  I would love to go someplace warm right now!  :0)
    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Well come back!  And a very Happy New Year to you:)  Wishing you the very best this year. 
    Start getting my room ready in Jamaica, it\’s getting cold here:)  -T

  8. Merry Christmas…I hope it was wonderful for you and your family! I love the new look here too by the way…Here\’s to a Happy New year and many blessings to you my friend

  9. Hi Girl
    Lucky you, you got a Trini Christmas!!  I\’m sooooo hating!!!  Glad to know you had a good time though.  I\’ll probably go home for Christmas \’07.
    For some strange reason some folks back home choose to remain behind the times and will not even get a computer, much less internet service!  And it\’s not that they can\’t afford it eh…hmmm!
    Anyway girly, have wonderful and blessed New Year!!

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