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A Little bit of this and some Christmas musing too!

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So I went to Trinidad for Christmas. Actually I went to Trinidad with my entire family to see my younger sister get married! Oh I tear up just thinking of it—- my younger sister is a married woman  . Tee hee! So I am going to run through the ten days I was in Trinidad in point form.
The flight to Trinidad:
Flying with two children under the age of 5 is really no fun at all. The flight was long and my children did not appreciate it at all. There are two stops before you get to Trinidad. We had to stop at St. Maarteen and then Barbados before getting to Trinidad and at each stop my poor son gathered up all his stuff and was ready to exit the plane. The tears that ensured was heart wrenching. And smartie pants here forgot to take cough medicine (I always take medicine on planes) and my daughter who didn’t appear ill was suddenly in great pain in her ears. BUT we survived and made it to Trinidad safe and sound where my son proclaimed that he wanted to go back home… go figure! ( My husband flew in by himself five days later!)
My nephews:
We stayed by my sisters. She has the most adorable babies in the world, after mine of course! But after spending time alone with her two and my two, I now know that I could never have four babies… I would go gray. I would be gray and fit, boy did they all four keep me on my toes. Hats off to all you Mommies out there with four, five and six!
Mothers and daughters:
I have two sisters. It has been us and our mother against the world for all of our life even when she was married to my step-father. However, at any given time you would find one or both of my sisters either vex with my mother or with each other. Strangely, they all drive me batty at times, but I really never get so mad at any of them that I feel the need to stop talking to any of them. This time around the sister in the middle was mad with my mother and my mother with her. I swear life would be so much easier if everyone got along. Oh but don’t worry it didn’t spoil my visit with either of them they love me too much and I them
The wedding:
My sister got married December 24th 2006… yes Christmas Eve! She and her now husband got engaged last year on Christmas Eve and thought it was fitting to be married on that day. And it was lovely, it eliminated any last minute Christmas Eve shopping though. The wedding was really very nice… the service was very intimate and I believe my sister was the most beautiful bride I ever did see. Ok so I am biased. But it was really great!
As I said before was really good. The food was good. The drinks were good and seeing all my aunts and uncles, cousins and my grandmother was really very special. It always feels good to go home and be with family and be loved.
The flight back:
Both children had the cold and as such were properly dosed up on cough medicine and slept through the flight. And my husband was there so I had help with my two. And we got back to Jamaica, my second home and my children opened the rest of their presents and were quite pleased with their bounty. (By the by why is it so hard to open the packages that alot of the toys come in huh?!)
So that’s it Christmas in a nutshell.

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One thought on “A Little bit of this and some Christmas musing too!

  1. G,
    Ahhhhh!  I wished I could have been there to help you with the children, on the flight to Trinidad, and felt bad for you not having your hubby there for that part of the trip.  Flying is enough stress on its own.  Anyway, your trip sounds really wonderful and full of great memories.  Seems like stores are making most things difficult to open, not just the toys, and if you don\’t have scissors handy, you have to be the Incredible Hulk to get anything open!

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