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Looking back at 2006


2006 was a year of change for me. Lots of changes.
Before 2005 was over my best Jamaican friend moved to Dubai with her family. So I started the year one close friend very far away. I still miss her and her family! Thank God for MSN messenger! Great invention…. it also helps me keep in touch with one of my sisters. Good fun!
My husband who previously worked for himself, changed his job and lo and behold we had two steady incomes coming! WooHoo! Fantastic, but this meant that we had two parent away from the children with the housekeeper taking care of the children.
Enter new decision, me leave time consuming, very demanding job and stay home and be there for children. Just have been an easy transition since the job made me miserable, but NO!! it was hard I was leaving behind a way of life that I had gotten accostom to. Gee I had worked there for 7 years, I felt as if I was leaving my family.
Then at home the stress of not working was at times stifling! But luckily soon got over that feeling… Ok it took me about 3 months or more…
Alrighty still adjusting. BUT I am BUSY!! Taking care of the babes and I am also helping build my husband internet business now that he can’t put as much time as used too. And I started painting so that is always good.
The highlights of the year though were that I had more time to spend with my babies and you know what they are fun!! And they were/are sure happy to have me around.
2006 was a really social year. I partied more in 2006 than I did in my whole time in Jamaica and February 25 would be 8 years that I have been living in Jamaica. It was good letting loose.
This was also a year of weddings one of my bestest friends got married in November and of course my sister on December 24. Oh also welcomed my nephew into the world in April. he is too cute.
Also worthy of mentioning– I have been to Trinidad three times this year WOW!! And actually stayed for substantial lengths of time. Before this year the longest I would stay in Trinidad was a weekend.
Oh and I started blogging in July. I actually got into this quite by accident I was sounding off about an article I read on msn and the next I know I was in a space signing in. And woohoo I was featured this December. What an experience. THere I was one day getting excited that I was close to the 2000 visits mark…. big milestone as you know and then the next day I had as many hits in the one day. I still get a kick out of the figure which is now well over 10,000. Luckily the flow of traffic through the site has slowed and it is just the lovely friends I have made popping in to say Hi!
Just like 2005 I find that I once again will be saying adieu to a close Jamaican friend who is migrating to Atlanta. Oh well
Luckily, I feel as I have made good friends here at blogland to lean on while I work at adding a new friend or friends here in Jamaica.
So that’s it 2006 in a nutshell. Good year and I anticipate that 2007 would be even better. I don’t know just get good vibes about it!

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3 thoughts on “Looking back at 2006

  1. G,
    Like you, I have had friends that are no longer close at hand, but for me it is because of my moving far away.  This has been a difficult move and adjustment, especially with my own health issues, as a factor, so we could be here for my mum.  But it is a decision my husband and I are at peace about.  Being in the blogosphere, making friends, slowly learning new skills, have all been a blessing and help.  Thank you for your friendship, and enjoyable, and touching blogs.  I am sure that God will bless you for any sacrifices that you have made to be home for your children.  It will really show, when you reach my age, and your children reflect back on their mum. 

  2. Hi G, I am glad your 2006 was great despite all the changes.  Changes are never easy, but they are sometimes necessary, so we just have to take the time to adapt.  It has taken me a while to adapt to living in Texas, and I still haven\’t made lots of friends, but I am okay for the most part.  Like you, I believe that 2007 will be a great year for me.  I am just staying positive no matter what and weathering whatever tought times may come my way.  Being home with your kids is a great investment in their future……..this is a decision you will not regret.  Have a lovely weekend!

  3. What a wonderful and inspiring space you have here. I am new to blogging and I hope to make a few friends. Have a great day!

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