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Easy Breezy days


I was visiting my friend’s Sherry space and while commenting on her blog I realized that hey here is the making of a new entry—so here it goes albeit a little bit more was added to it!
Absolutely nothing is happening here. My children are still on Christmas holiday so that means that I am still on Christmas holiday YEAH! So it has been nice and easy interrupted only by a few noisy temper tantrums and then back to easy breezy as well.
It is actually quite warm here. It is usually a little less warm at this time of the year. But we do have nice cool breezes wafting through at night. So that is good except we have the house closed up so tight because malaria is going around. Can you believe there is an outbreak of Malaria, I thought they had gotten rid of that way back with the bubonic plague. Okay I jest. Well I at least thought that you could only get it if you ventured off to some far off African country on safari or something.  
Oh well it is here and the mosquitos are biting and everyone is very nervous about it. They actually cancelled the fireworks display scheduled for New Year’s eve into Midnight because it is held by the harbour. As yet though I don’t think anyone has died from it. Thank GOD! But you can never be too careful right. Needless to say the mosquito repellent has been working overtime.
So that is what’s going here in my land. We are here enjoying the breeze and the holidays, completely slathered in bug repellent. Aren’t you glad that it is too cold where you are for mosquitoes to live
Have a great weekend.

Author: kidfriendlyja

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12 thoughts on “Easy Breezy days

  1. Hey G, I am tempted to say that I will take the mosquitos over the cold weather, but deep down inside, I know that is not true.  I hate those insects!  I didn\’t even know Jamaica had malaria – that is crazy!  Where did these psycho mosquitos come from?  When I went to Kenya, I had to take a malaria shot (or was it tablets) soon after I got there.  My friend\’s Dad was a doctor and he didn\’t want to take any chances with me getting sick.  I survived a month there without getting it so I guess the medication worked.  Well, do take care and lock the house down real tight……………or you could always head back down to Trinidad:)  Enjoy the weekend.

  2. I\’m familiar with this Malaria thing after living in Africa almost half my life, but thankfully I never caugt it.
    Happy belatd New Year to you. 🙂

  3. Malaria!  Wow!  that is pretty scary.  I\’d be rubbing myself down with bug spray in the house.  I always get freaked out in the summer months–those skeeters carry SO many diseases.

  4. Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY 2007!
    Take care and stay inside…

  5. We are in a warm spell as well!  Which is nice but also has me a wee bit worried.  Without the normal cold tempatures .. the bugs are not killed off … which, some claim, is one of the reasons for some of those old diseases being circulated again …. we need a good cold winter to get rid of a few things so that spring can bring a new start! 
    I hope this note finds you doing well and that your kids are back to school and not missing their holiday time off too much.  It took my boys a couple days of "oh, mom, do we havvvveee to go to schoool??  I don\’t feeellll gooooddd" and me kicking their sweet little behinds out the door (such a callous mum am I! lol).
    hugs to you my friend, stop on by for a chat some time.

  6. I prefer the cold to bug biting me thank you!. Saying this, it did dip to minus 14C last week, which perhaps is a little 2 cold even for me. Loving the pic of those two by the way. Luckily we dont have anything that bites here, even in the warm summer months.
    Be safe

  7. Oh Gayle, do be careful.  I could be wrong, but from what I have read about malaria, once you get it you always have it.  You could never have another attack again, or you could have several more.   That is crazy, I thought it had practically been eradicated, like smallpox.  Stock up on insect repellant.
    I love the picture of your two little ones all dressed up.  They look FABULOUS!! 🙂

  8. Hi G, hope your weekend was a good one.  All my playoff predictions came true this weekend – the Seahawks, Colts, Patriots and Eagles won.  I watched all the games but I somehow managed to go grocery shopping…………my fridge was like an empty box:)  Take care and have an awesome week!

  9. Thank you for the support! Every little bit helps. Your children are absolutely adorable!! I miss the days when mine were that small and full of wonder. I have five, they range in age from 13 to 10, I have two that are tweleve. Enjoy them now, they really do grow up so very fast. Your country seems wonderful. Maybe I\’m just a bit jaded by living in the US. It has some advantages, but more and more everyday it seems that we are just ruining the world that God has given us. Have a great day, and please stay in touch.

  10. Ouch!!  That\’s not too cool, I hate mosquitoes with a passion.  What\’s their purpose again?  Anyway, do be careful with that malaria thingy.  I sure enough haven\’t heard of that in ages!
    The weather has been playing tricks on us here in the US.  It is suppose to be winter right, but check this out.  Last Saturday it was 72 degrees here, then next day, mad rain, yesterday, chilly….today almost below freezing!!  What is going on?!?! 
    Needless to say, I too still on "Christmas Vacation" which is now turned into "Sick Leave", due to this crazy weather.  I am suppose to be back out to work on Friday of this week, but who knows, according to how I feel, I may just leave that until next Monday!
    Take care girlfriend.

  11. Hello friend, long time no see! Tis been crazy busy here. Thank god for work, so that I have time to breathe! I am so bored alot of time at work, I am good at what I do and have it down to such a science that I have too much spare time sometimes. It is a good thing for blogging though! I was reading your last post and I tell ya. I stayed home with Jansen for 2-1/2 years when he was 1 year old and that was the 1st time I was ever able to stay home with one of the boys. I have been here at this job for 5 years almost now since returning to work. I am torn because I really do not want to work anymore, but feel at this point I almost have to. I have considered taking a part time job, I don\’t know. I am really torn right now and have no clue what to do. I tried doing up a budget, but of course if I didn\’t work we couldn\’t live exactly as we do now so….. I don\’t know. I will have to think about it more and pray about it. It\’s funny how you sometimes stumble upon something that talks about what is going on in your head, huh!
    Keep away from those "skeeters" as we say in the "South"!
    Hugs, Laura

  12. We don\’t usually have to worry much about mosquitoes here in Alberta, even in the summer, unless there is an abundance of rain, which doesn\’t happen regularly.    Please be sure to stay repelled against those little devils!

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