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Charmed I am sure!


Now I am not a jealous person, which is a good thing because it allows me to watch women’s reaction to my husband with the right amount of humour and objectivity.
My Husband is not a bad looking fellow. He can even be considered handsome and I know when I first saw him I thought hey he is cute. And clearly that is the feeling that a lot of women get. It is so funny to see women especially sales women deal with him. I could be standing right next to him and they are totally unaware of me, they start to flit and flutter and yes flirt. And it doesn’t matter the age– old or young they get into a tizzy. And then he smiles and turns on the charm and if they were a flutter before, well they are positively swooning now. He always gets the deals, the extra scoop or that special gift when he turns on the charm. And this is really what I am talking about Charm, not whether or not my husband is pleasing to the eye or not.
Women are always brought to task for using their feminine wiles to succeed, but has anyone really thought that men use charm to get ahead. Take my old boss… he is also not bad looking, he is just a little bit round BUT when he turns up the charm… I usually have to giggle, because there is really no one male or female that can turn him down.
And I think that alot of men that make it big have learned how to work the charm. So it made me wonder this Prince Charming guy do you think that he was simply not a bad looking fellow who just knew how to work the charm. He was known for his killer smile!

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12 thoughts on “Charmed I am sure!

  1. I always thought it was the combination of looks and smile. 

  2. Hey girl, this is so true!  Charm works for me ALL THE TIME!!  All I\’ve got to do is look you straight in the eyes and smile…well flirt too sometimes! You know what I mean.  It\’s all about the attitude…
    I hope your husband is a sales man so he could rake lots of money with the "Charm".

  3. I know exactly what you mean! My husband is real charming, always has been. He is much more careful about it now than in the past. It has gotten him into trouble before.
    Oh yeah, it\’s MEEEE.. Cassie. LOL

  4. Hey, I have missed you…are you still locked out of my space?
    As to Charm my husband gets all sorts of looks thrown his way by all sorts of females, all the time…only he is bashful, instead of charming so it usually goes no further than that…so it must be his gorgeous blonde-headed, blue-eyed, killer-smile looks.

  5. I know what you mean, but my husband doesn\’t even realize he is so charming!

  6. that is just so true…i will hav to think about this for a while…
    :o) smiles are contagious…and free…as well as a great start to the new year…pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  7. Your old boss is DEFINITELY charmer… but then apparently it runs in the family for him b/c his father is EXACTLY like that. LOL Your old boss\’ little sister is about the only one in the family that\’s sane. =D But I didn\’t know the husband could turn on the charm too!!! VEEEEEERY interesting… and I told you that I read your blog everyday heheehehehe.

  8. It is adorable when men are oblivious to their charm.  It only makes them even more charming.  Thanks for stopping by my site and I hope to see you back.

  9. my hubby gets hit on my women, young and old all the time.  He always likes to tell me about it saying I just don;t understand it, I\’m 47!!  He loves every minute of it but doesn\’t want to appear like he loves it.   I have watched him turn on the charm to accomplish things.  Nen can be just as guilty of it as women, but women get the stigma!  Go figure!!

  10. Can I come live with you for a few months?  At least until the snow stops. 🙂
    Ah, charming men.  I\’ve met a few in my lifetime.  You have a great healthy attitude about the whole thing…why feel threatened when you can be amused instead. 😉
    Glad you got home for Christmas, and congrats on being featured!  I missed that when it was going on.  (I live with a shovel in my hand instead of the keyboard lately)
    Take care in that nice warm sunshine, gentle breezes, wonderful music, great food…..yep…definitely time to check the flights lol
    Barb 🙂

  11. Encountering a man (or woman) with that Charm, makes a day woth living it! It\’s just something you can\’t explain. It makes you smile…and yes, I too think that learning to use "the charm" makes successful people.
    Thanks for your comment…

  12. Hi G, I am always weary of charming men……..but then maybe it\’s men in general (hahahaha).  However, I know charm works, especially when a bright smile is in there as well.  Nice entry!

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