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FEARS- Whether founded or not!


I was driving along the other day and I had a moment of anxiety- what I would do if my car caught afire. I don’t know where it came from or why… maybe I am watching too much action television. But it led me to start thinking about the varied amount of fears I have. And for one person I have quite a few. So I shall list them off in no order of importance.
1) Well most people are aware by now of my fear of lizards of all kinds. I can’t stand them and they freak me out.
2) I am petrified of my car falling into water and I am trapped in it or even scarier I can’t get my children out of the car.
3) Heights freak me out and in reverse depth.
4) Rip currents frighten me, although I have never been in one or have I ever seen some one being caught up in a rip current. But as a result I have stopped going into the ocean and if I do go into the water it is never any further than my knees. (And i use to love swimming out as far as I could manage )
5) I would rather walk seven flights of stairs than go into an elevator by myself. (I understand this fear I was stuck in an elevator once that refused to stop. I was tramautized at the end of it and so enters claustrophobia.)
6) Crowded area bother me. I also have a freak if I lose whoever I have gone to the mall with. (Going to the mall by myself is a different matter. I am in and out quickly.)
7) Being buried alive or being trapped underground is also a great source of concern to me. I am seriously considering cremation when I die. Except I can’t bear the thought of me being engulfed in flames! Really scary.
Well I am afraid that it for now.
So what are you afraid of?

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15 thoughts on “FEARS- Whether founded or not!

  1. Oh, there are so many things that frighten me.  My biggest fears are those that could possibly involved my children.  I worry about them riding their bikes outside(crazy drivers – when will everyone drive as good as I do?); I worry about them the entire time they are on the school bus (do we really know who drives these things!?!?); I worry about them when they are with their Dad (who we all know has the safety instincts of a dirty dishrag).  I never really thing about my fears for me though.  I guess trapped in fire is my worst.
    I prefer to not think of such things!  Be positive!  🙂  Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Merhaba from Turkey

  3. Hey G, I had my friend in town this week which is why I am just getting around to reading all of your entries.  How have you been?  I think by now everyone knows that I am afraid of cats and dogs.  Can you believe it?  I know it\’s dumb but I always think they will attack me (sigh).  I need therapy!
    I need to email you.  My godson may have autism and I am very concerned and I think I should email you to find out more about this.  Is your email on here?  I will check.  Why am I talking to myself (hahahahah)?  Have a nice weekend.

  4. Gayle, you crack me up!  You sometimes sound like me thinking aloud.  I must say not in so many of your fears.  I can totally relate to you though.  I have a fear of fire too, having been burnt all over as a child.  I just love your expressions.

  5. Hi Wahzat!
    Sorry I haven\’t been by in a bit…
    First off, your children are absolutely GORGEOUS in their white outfits by the gate.  That picture is almost breathtaking.  Your kids are angelic.
    Second, I sympathize with your fears.  I have several irrational fears myself:
    1. Spiders – even though the ones we have in my my part of the U.S. rarely can cause more than inflammation where they bite.
    2. Dogs I don\’t know –  I am terrified of strange dogs – even little ankle-biters who I could "boot" before they got a single tooth into me.
    3. Water I cannot see through –  The lakes where I live are muddy.  There is nothing in them that can hurt me.  Th fish we have here do not eat people.  The snakes are more scared of you than you are of them.  Yet, anytime I waterski on a lake, I panic as soon as I fall and I am left bobbing in the water waiting for the boat to come back around.  Since I can\’t see what\’s beneath me, I let my imagination run wild and I get scared.
    4. My biggest fear of all is that my children will die before I do.  My greatest wish is that my kiddoes have long, healthy, happy lives. 
    I hope you have a magnificent Sunday, Wahzat!

  6. Hello Wahzat! Just coming by to check on you and your sweet family! I see you have many fears! I am so sorry about all of those! I am not sure Ic an think of a fear right off hand, although I am deadly afraid of sharks. And I actually all my life have wanted to be a marine biologist!!! I am scared to death of them, yet fascinated with them at the same time…weird huh? I would loooove to scuba dive or snorkle, but I am sure it will never happen simply from the fear of sharks…
    Many blessings and lots of hugs to you today

  7. Hi WahZat,
    I heard today from my dentist and can\’t get in until the 31st. I hope I can hang on that long. We\’ll see. Bad timing for me as he and his partner picked next week to have their office remodeled, thus they will be closed. Thank you for your concern and your asking.
    Wow. What a fascinating post. I haven\’t sat down to think about what all my fears consist. I might have to do that. I have the one child from my marriage, so losing her while I\’m still alive would be devastating, though we all have to go someday, ya know? I also fear a disability besetting me and my not being able to make ends meet financially. I\’m sure I could come up with others.
    Here\’s hoping and wishing none of the ones you mentioned ever comes to pass!!

  8. Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by.As for fears…yeah, I\’ve got a few too.  My main one is of tornadoes.  Oh wow those freak me out so badly!  I can\’t even watch them in videos on tv.  Forget it.  Another one of my fears is of swimming pool drains.  I have no idea why.  I can barely stand to even swim over one.  Hope you\’re having a great Tuesday!God bless 🙂

  9. heights…small spaces…water that i can\’t see the bottom of….losing my kenny…being put under (which i get to do this friday)…house centipedes…and other hairy bugs…lots of things…you are not alone…
    :o) smiles are contagious…just maybe they will help melt the ice that has coated my world outside…so pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  10. Hi G
    I guess we all have some measure of the same fears.  But you know what?  We just can\’t sit by and let fears rule our lives and control our destiny.  We have to be prepared for anything at anytime.  I\’m absolutely with you on #6…that\’s me!!  #7, eh eh, doh bun meh at all, let the maggots feast!!  Ewwww, gross…..TMI!!!   LOL  You know what?  I\’m just not going to die!!  Both cremation and burial is scary! 
    I\’ve recovered from the flu and back out to work!
    Have a great week!

  11. lol, Ya ever want to deal with all those fears, heres my business link, as to what do I fear? Fires. hugs, Kat

    http://healingbranches.com/forum/index.phpA Soft Place to Fall, A Safe Place to Heal, A Great Place to Grow

  12. Hi!
    Just popping in to say thanks for stopping by! I picked the carrot cake in the desserts, which was scarily accurate also. Isn\’t that totally bizarre?
    My biggest fear in life: bees, wasps, anything with a stinger. Run like a crazy person!! (usually dressed for these moments, so far to date, anyway! ;o)  I grew up with a pet shop in our family, snakes, spiders, all of those things were in my life all the time – needing to be fed and cleaned after. They don\’t bother me in the least!)
    Come back sometime!

  13. Hey Wahzat!
    You have been so nice to stop by at my house and keep my friends company… so now its my turn.  Your fears are understandable, for sure. I have a few myself… although I\’m trying to work thru them this year. So I won\’t call them fears anymore, I\’ll call them challenges.
    1. Fear of the dark
    2. Fear of the deep side of a swimming pool
    3. Fear of getting lost
    There are a few other, but its too early to think :)))
    Keep well, sweet,

  14. Okay…fears…I surely have a few…actually I find that since  getting married and having children I have become more "fearful"…whether rational or not.  For quite ahile I struggled with the fear that we were going to die in a car wreck every time we left the house…it was actually quite overwhelming and paralyzing…fortunately God has helped me to work through that and realize that He is in control…ALWAYS….and He has helped me to realize that He only gives me the grace to deal with what He has in store for me each day…not tomorrow….so on the day that something "tragic" happens…that is the day he will give me the grace to deal…don\’t know if that makes sense, but it has helped me be far less fearful!

  15. Wow.  I came across ths blog and see that you also suffer from anxiety. I just blogged, last evening, about a recent PANIC attack I had at Walart.  I hadn\’t had one in awhile and it was quite frightening!  That is my biggest fear!  I fear having an anxiety attack or a panic attack.  It is the worst feeling in the world.

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