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Money the root of all evil?!!


I must have been filthy rich in a past life, because I really dislike dealing with money. I just want to have it and then spend it. I dislike discussing how much something is going to cost or how much a service would run over budget. I really also detest discussing salaries and wages. I have found myself giving things away because 1) I don’t want to put a value to it and 2) I get more out of giving it away anyway.
Money complicates things too much, because I may think that I am worth way more than someone has me down at and then you know what I end up feeling rejected and undervalued. To me the worst conversation I could ever be involved in is with someone who is gloating to me about how much they made and how much they spend. ARGGH
But I guess maybe that is my test in this life. Maybe I need to learn to put monetary value to things and learn to budget accordingly. Maybe I was a spendthrift. And I guess it all comes back to something that I believe about myself… I always think that I if I was to win the lotto or something and the pot was huge I would still be back where I started, which is not rich, because I would give it all away to people I think need it more than me.
Ok so can you tell that I have been paying bills all day and have been haggling to get the right prices for things. Woe is me

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3 thoughts on “Money the root of all evil?!!

  1. I think I was filthy rich in a past life too.  I hate dealing with money and I hate balancing my checkbook.  I just want enough money in there to pay the bills and buy what I need without ever having to look at the balance.  Is that asking too much?!?!?  I think not!

  2. Oh G, I feel your pain:)  Dealing with money could be a pain.  However, we must learn to manage it well to get the most out of it.  I know I am supposed to know all about finances but I just want enough money to not have to worry about the bottom line.  Woe is all of us:)  Maybe one day………….soon.

  3. As the saying goes, "mo\’ money, mo\’ problems".
    Girl, it\’s the love of money is the root of all evil……but we can\’t live without it unfortunately.  I am a stickler for a budget, and I manage my money well!  So I have no problems dealing with it.  However, I do have issues when there is a lack there of!

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