Wazhat! Wahzat!

I have a confession!


Uhhhmmm( clearing of throat)  I am called Wahzat!! …..and I am addicted to tv.
I find that I can’t live without it. It is on constantly in my house. Even when I am not watching it , it is on low in the background.
I am fascinated by all the shows on HGTV and on the Food Network and I watch Disney more than my children. And lets not get me started on Grey’s Anatomy, ugly Betty ( a new favorite), Desperate House Wives, Men in Trees, Brothers and Sisters…hmmm pretty much all the shows on ABC these days. Some on the new CW…. sigh and the list goes on.  I really noticed this addiction the other day when I was feeling low… blue, ok I was depressed and did I reach for icecream, chips, liquor or popcorn N-O-O-O! I reached for the remote and lay in a vegetated state until the funk passed! Oh the power of a good television show SIGH!!
So now why all this talk about addiction and television.
Well I have decided that, "Oh it would be such a great thing for the children if the television was turned off or limited to them". And you know what they are cool, they ask for it, but they are limited to the 30 minutes that I have designated and they say ok and go about playing. ME on the other hand … talk about withdrawal symptoms. I am having cold sweats! Jitters and gee my head hurts ( ok I exaggerate abit) But seriously it has been so hard for me keeping the television off. As soon as they are down for the night I rush to the couch and reach for the remote in search for some televised viewing.
But I am not going to give in, the tv will stay off until the children are down… because there is more to life than <gulp> TV right?!
Wish us luck as I try to keep this addiction under control.

Author: kidfriendlyja

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6 thoughts on “I have a confession!

  1. I watch the same shows and then some! LOL! HGTV was a favorite of mine for a long time. All the prime time shows you mentioned I love and watch faithfully. I tell myself this, and you don\’t actually have this problem, but during the winter when it\’s too cold to be outside as much I will not limit my TV watching! Besides, soon enough they will be running re-runs and then you will turn it off!
    Tape your shows and watch them later….or on a rainy day?? 🙂 Indulge in what you enjoy!

  2. You poor thing! I think I have become addicted to reading, adn sugar cookies and hot chocolate and maybe magazines…I spend WAY too much time with those activities than I should…I have also tried limiting my time to each (food not included)…I will be praying fo ryou and hope that you are able to overcome this "tv addict" :D…although there are so many worse things! Besides how can you possibly pass up HGTV? lol
    My love and hugs are with you friend and I hoep you had a fantabulous MoNDay!

  3. Ohhhhh, girl I love me some Desperate Housewives!  But my new all time favorite that I just discovered I can\’t do without has to be 24!!!  OMG, that show is super explosive!  I was not into tv too much, but I found that there are a few shows that are holding my interest lately. Shows like Heroes, Ugly Betty, and did I say 24?  Yeah I\’ve been watching some crap too like "I love New York" for example.  But all in all I\’m wouldn\’t say I\’m addicted to tv and must have it going constantly. 
    I love silence too! 
    P.S. I must have QVC though (the shopping channel)!!

  4. You have a great site!

  5. I\’m addicted to Ugly Betty, but the spanish version "La fea mas bella"…..

  6. HGTV is on most of the time around here…reruns…doesn\’t matter.  I\’ll watch the same program a zillion times LOL 
    I keep thinking of all the things I would get accomplished as well if I turned the old boob tube off, but it will never happen.  It\’s just too easy to veg out in front of it then deal with the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. 
    We all have our vices…and they could be much worse ones, so I feel okay with mine LOL
    Have a great week!
    Barb 🙂

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