Wazhat! Wahzat!

A message to my little princess!


It is amazing to me that it is 4 years already!
Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were all folds and smiles… a real life dumpling! Boy, have you gotten tall! And where did all the babyness go! So proud of your chatter and imaginative play. & I Love that you love us and your brother so much! Sigh you are moving closer and closer to being a big girl and soon will no longer my little baby girl.
But guess what, you will always be my sweet baby girl, even if you find yourself towering over your Mummy!

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to YOU!!
Happy Birthday my sweet little princess!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
(My children are exactly 2 years, 6 days and 5 hours apart! )


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

8 thoughts on “A message to my little princess!

  1. Happy happy birthday!  She is sooooooo cute, and I wish her everything that her little heart desires.  What time is the party and where:)?

  2. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday to your little princess, when I started reading I said wait a minute, wasn\’t it just a birthday the other day, yes it was! My oldest boys are like that also. Brandon will be 20 on March 12th and Garrett turns 17 on Feb 28th, so although they are a few years apart, their bdays are 11 days apart.
    Hope you all have a fun week!

  3. Happy birthday to her!

  4. Awww!!  Too cute!!  Happy Birthday baby girl!! 
    Get that girl some cake and ice cream!

  5. My brothers are 2 years and 6 days apart!  I don\’t know the hours though!!  How funny is that??
    Well a belated Happy Birthday to your helping of double trouble!!  Looking at their pictures I am wagering that what one doesn\’t think of, the other does!!  And what one hesitates at, the other is all for it!!  I hate that Conor is an only child, but at the same time, as adventerous as he is, maybe that is a good thing!! 
    Hugs and God Bless

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!
    How exciting to have birthdays so close. She is adorable. I wish her all the happiness in the world and many many many more birthdays to enjoy.

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet little precious girl!  She\’s beautiful.  The love you have for your family is so apparent in everything you present on your space.  I just love that.
    I hope you are having a blessed week 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday, Wahzat\’s Little Princess!  🙂
    I\’ve gotta tell ya, Wahzat… you have some beautiful children!
    I hope their birthdays were fun and full of great memories!

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