Wazhat! Wahzat!

It’s war!!


Ok it is official, Call out the troupees because the ants have to DIE!!!!!
No more shall I sit around and just watch as these ants co -exist with my family and myself. No more will we be subjected to bites on the skin and holes in our clothes. No more using of inferior bug spray or local alternative remedies… this is War!! Bring out the big guns… fire up the bazookas, because I plan to obliterate every single itsy bitsy, hard-working busy-body ant that exists in close proximity to my home and family.
What was the final straw that prompted this planned assault?
My son and them fought over some banana chips and they may have lost their lives in the battle, but they sure inflicted a lot of war wounds.
My son stuck his hand into an open bag of banana chips, which unbeknownst to him or me was riddled with ants, and stuffed the lot into his mouth! Milli and I were only alerted to the danger when she saw ants crawling on my daughter’s hand (she had also reached for into the bag).
If you have ever been bitten by an ant you know that it is not the most pleasant experience that you can have. Now add that to the fact that he had about 10 ants that refused to go down easy… latched on to the insides of his mouth, lips and yes tongue. I can only imagine how excrutiating it must have been for him (An ant bit me on tongue once and my tongue went numb, kinda scary), but he really was quite calm, I guess he had to be because both Milli and I were almost hysterical trying to get the ants out. The two that were attached to the tongue refused to budge. I iced them… I poked them, I rubbed them with a cloth, even threw liquid anti-histamine on them, nothing! Eventually I had to take his toothbrush with toothpaste and scrub the offensive bug and then only after minutes of torturing my poor teary-eyed, traumatized son did I get the fiend off and out of his mouth.
So I declare war! Sorry for the ant that tries to test this Momma!!
(Oh and my son seems fine, albeit it a little drowsy for the anti-histamine, he had two blocks of ice and was ready for school!)

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12 thoughts on “It’s war!!

  1. Wow, how awful!!  I know Adam didn\’t bargain for a mouthful of ants with his banana chips.  I love those chips, by the way:)  Anyway, I am glad that you were there to finally take control of those ants.  Now it\’s time to call in the experts to get rid of them once and for all!

  2. Oh yeah….they must DIE!!!  Those little buggers can be so annoying.  Good luck!Have a great day!God bless 🙂

  3. You sure right girl, they gots to go!!  Just before Christmas I was treatened with an ants invasion here at my place too!  To make a long story short, they went down in blaze of glory!  I called pest control to fumigate not once, but twice, then I went to Home Depot and got ant bait plus a can of raid!!!
    As I say, if you can\’t help with bills up in here, there is absolutely no need for you in here, you gots to go!!  Those little suckers were all up in my doritoes, in my cheezits….NO WAY!!  They\’re outta here!!!  No sign of those pest since!!  Ain\’t no room for me and them in here!
    I support that war…send in the troups!!

  4. I am glad your kiddoes are okay after getting the ants on/in them!
    I don\’t like insects in my house either!
    Good luck!  I hope they are evicted soon!  🙂

  5. OUCH!!! Poor little guy- almost enough to put you off banana chips for life 😦  Actually, the whole story gave me the crawlies- this Mama doesn\’t do bugs, especially after one went crawling around inside my ear  😛  I agree- war is necessary! Call out the big guns & Agent Orange!

  6. Hey… thanks for coming by today!
    ANTS?!!  Yikes! I\’ve been bitten by ants before – all over my legs when I was a kid and it hurt like hell, I clearly remember!! They MUST DIE!! Good luck, nasty little buggers are hard to get rid of once they think they own the place! Show them who\’s boss girlie!
    And do come back tomorrow… if you can!

  7. Blah, ants for breakfast. Mind you cant be as bad as my mother in laws lentil soup!!!
    Glad he is ok after his ordeal though.

  8. OMG!!!  Wht do you have in Jamaica??  Mutant ants??  That is horrifying.  I would have been totally freaking!!  Home Depot has granules that are pretty good.  Otherwise I would say call in a professional exterminator.  Thank the Good Lord your baby boy is okay.  I\’m sure you\’re still shaking though!  I am from just reading it!!
    ((((HUGS))))) for poor Adam too!

  9. Girl, I\’m about ready to get into my camoflage and don my war paint.  I got your back on those pesky ants!

  10. Hey Gayle, how are you and the family doing?  Yeah I am all excited that the Colts won even thought they almost gave me a heart attack in the first 15 seconds of the game:)  It was great for Dungy too………..such a humble man!  I have yet to call the cable company yet but I will do that this evening for sure.  I am getting cold feet:)  Have a good week!

  11. Yuck! Your poor baby! I hope you win the war! I have my own war with ants, but they are the little black ones that seem to love my kitchen no matter what I do.

  12. Oh my gosh!  How awful!  Poor thing 😦  I am SO not a bug person.  I\’m like you – declare war!
    Love the hide-n-seek.  You seem like such a great mom 🙂

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