Wazhat! Wahzat!

Share a giggle with me!!


I have been meaning to share this giggle for awhile now. After what would be eight years of marriage on February 14, my husband finally concides that I am taller than him, by maybe half inch. teehee teehee!!
Now I have always known this, hence the abundance of low heeled shoes under the stairs, but if it made him feel better about being taller than me well so be it I went along with him. So now it is out he agrees I am taller!
Well that is my giggle and just in time for the anniversary.

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18 thoughts on “Share a giggle with me!!

  1. Ahhh the fragile male ego 🙂 Wishing you an early HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, may you have many more happy and blessed years together.


    …. It\’s about time…. poor Hubby… =) I\’m SOOO gonna tease him the next time I see him =D

  3. That is too funny! ha ha
    I\’m going to try again… watch for it…

  4. Hello Wahzat!!!  Thank you for visiting my space the other day and I apologize for not visiting sooner!
    Wow .. your from the Caribbean… how amazing!!  I have recently fallen in love with the Caribbean… and hope to one day visit Jamaica…
    Hope you are well… and glad you had a great giggle!  Funny how men at times feel inadequate when their woman is taller then them!!!
    Ciao bella,

  5. Hey Gayle, wonder what made him finally agree that you are taller than him?  Hhmmmmm……..too funny!  Happy Anniversary when it comes around.

  6. I\’m glad you officially have it. You should have noted the date and time it was said and have him sign and stamp those words. Cuz if I know anything about your husband tomorrow morning \’Wha you ah talk bout? Me neva seh dat\’…..Happy Anniversary

  7. According to my husband, he is an inch OR two taller than me, but I think we are the EXACT same height.  LOL!  I don\’t think he\’ll EVER admit it.

  8. I was taller than my ex husband.  I hated it.  I love heels and although it didn\’t bother me to be taller than him, it bothered him.  Glad the both of you can find a giggle to it.

  9. Well happy anniversary!  We\’re about to celebrate our 6th anniversary at the end of this month.  Isn\’t it funny how it takes yeeeeeeeeeears for things like this to be "resolved"?  LOLThanks for stopping by my blog!Have a great weekend!God bless 🙂

  10. Wow, lots of back to back celebrations going on over there!!
    Oh well at least he finally agrees to the fact that you are taller, so now we know that he\’s not going to stay in denial!
    Have a wonderful weekend…head for the beach and call my name when you get there!

  11. Well, this means that you can finally get those 3 inch heels you\’ve been secretly wanting all these years!!!

  12. It\’s amazing how the little things can bring such joy, isn\’t it?  I hope you will drop by and see the new space, I\’m really enjoying it. http://biglifedance.blogspot.comHappy Anniversary to you and yours – may the celebration of your Love last the whole year!Gayle

  13. Guess what?
    We are all the same height laying down
    Have an awesome weekend, Greg

  14. Winter is back, Gayle.  Are you going to the beach?  Thought I read Fay say that.  Ohhhhhh, I could do with the beach right now:)  I will definitely go home this summer (sigh).

  15. LOL!  Well, that takes a lot for a guy to come to terms with that, I\’m sure.  We guys have fragile egos, ya know. 

  16. Hey, thanks for stopping by!  And thanks for the sweet birthday wishes.  I\’ll save a piece of cake for you!! :)Have a good night!God bless 🙂

  17. LOL – I\’m 5\’6" and my hubby is about 5\’10" so with heals I\’m just about as tall as he is – needless to say, I also have lots of low healed shoes!  AND now my 13 yr old is as tall as I am!  ahhhhhhh   I remember when he barely reached my chin!  What gives? lol
    Happy Anniversary my friend!  I hope you guys had a lovely time.

  18. Was he perhaps somewhat hynotized when he finally admitted this? 🙂 I heard even Tom Cruise wears big platform shoes to look taller than his wife.
    Take care. 😉

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