Wazhat! Wahzat!

What a wonderful feeling Jumping Up to the ceiling!!


If things had gone the way I had planned I would be in Trinidad right now at 12 pm now heading into bed. Having partied all morning from about 4am at a ‘breakfast’ party getting totally primed for the biggest, brightest, happiest, most spectacular street party ever on Monday. That’s right people it is Carnival time in Trinidad and I am missing it. Well considering my mind is constantly on it and I have called my sisters too many time to mention already I think I am enjoying it vicariously.
Carnival in Trinidad is the best experience ever!! It is an age old tradition started by the French colonists who had fabulous masquerade/costume parties to herald in Ash Wednesday. Then the African slaves took it up in a form of mockery of their french owners. And over 150 years later we are still enjoying the majestry, the freeness, the excitement that is Carnival.
Carnival is beautiful. The costumes, the glitter, the feathers and the beads. The People,  like the country, melt even more to become one body pulsating to the exciting tunes of calypso and soca. I love, love Carnival. The air is charged with excitement and it is hard not to be swept up in the joy. And it is hard not to dance with abandon in the street. Trini- Carnival is the best even better than Rio’s and only because everyone gets to be involved.
Here is a picture of the costume I paid down on! Isn’t is gorgeous?!! Ok, yes it is a little bit scant on the cloth, but Carnival Monday and Tuesday is always the hottest days of the year in Trinidad  ( oh and no that is not me in the picture she is a bit too toned to be me tehee!)
Oh well and I am not there to enjoy it, but don’t worry if all goes well and it will, I am going to be there front and center next year. Waving my hand or flag, jumping with the band of the year!!
Happy Carnival!!!
(ps. Carnival is a national festivity that all ages, religions and professions even priests and pastors partake in some form.)

Author: kidfriendlyja

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17 thoughts on “What a wonderful feeling Jumping Up to the ceiling!!

  1. Wow Gayle, are you sure your husband would have let you out of the house in this costume:)?  The costumes around the Caribbean have really evolved into uhhmmm, nothing……….but they look cute, though.  I do hope you can make it down next year……..I know you Trinis LOVE de carnival:)!

  2. I\’m sorry you couldn\’t go to your carnival Wahzat…..but it sounds as tho you are dealing with it in a much better way then I would! 🙂
    Glad you stopped by to say Hi. I\’ve been by a few times before and I really enjoy reading yours blogs. Your day to day life is nice to hear about, you have a knack of telling your story in the best way possible.
    Like the Ants….oh my gosh, I was almost in tears for your poor baby. I could picture everything and felt your panic. I\’m not a Mom, but have been in the Stepmom position a few times, so I have felt that "All Powerful Mom" mode! LOL DEATH TO ALL ANTS!!!!
    When I read here at your Space I do feel warmer….imagine that! 🙂 I never thought I would want to go to a warm place after living in the desert for so long, but after 4 winters here, and this one being the coldest, I totally understand when people take off to warmer climates!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. Hey girl
    I see you are a trini to the bone!!  You are into the fetes and all.  Oh well may be next year you\’ll be in the thick of things.
    Unfortunately, I never liked carnival.  Yeah, as they all say "wha kind ah trini you is girl?"  LOL.  I guess daddy sheltered me too much. Carnival time we either went to the beach, stay at home and relax or left the country….lol, and I grew up and just didn\’t have the taste for it!
    Have a great week!

  4. Wowee that is quite a costume!  Sounds like you\’re handling it well, not being able to go.  Just keep focusing on next year!  Have a great Monday!God bless 🙂

  5. Hiya…
    Just popping in for a bit of Carribean sunshine …. shame you can\’t be at Carnival – but I say… definitely enjoy it vicariously!!!

  6. Just dropping by to say hello. I am getting up the courage to carry on my blog amidst a bit if bad luck lately. That photo above is definitely a motivator for my diet!

  7. Ah yes, some Countries just know how to party!  (Canada is NOT one of them.  It\’s too cold to go running around in scant costumes like that lol) 
    I\’m sorry you were not able to go home to celebrate it up close and personal with your family but it is more then fair to be able to bug them with a bunch of phone calls. 🙂 
    I must say it\’s quite the contrast looking at the photo here in your entry and then looking at the skaters on mine!
    Happy Carnival!
    Hug hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  8. I would SO love to party at your Carnival in Trinidad!!!!  What a great time.  And those costumes…YOWZA!!! 

  9. Hey G!  It\’s Ash Wednesday – what are you giving up?  I gave up cable tv – woohhhhooooooo!

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