Wazhat! Wahzat!

I can’t Hula Hoop!!


Oh where oh where has all the time gone?!! Wasn’t it just Monday? How is that I am looking at Monday again!! Where did this week go? Hey where did this month go? Gee, we are into March already. Talk about a year speeding along. This all hit me while trying to show my daughter how to handle a hula hoop. Needless to say I showed her how the hula hoop handled ME!! I am sure I could hula hoop at one time. The hoop would at least stay up for one revolution. Now it just goes goes straight down to the ground. So does this mean I have lost my rhythm as well? Hmmmm
So what has been happening with me and mine?!
I have started walking on Tuesday and Friday mornings. I keep saying it is because I am supporting my sister-in-law, but really it is my motivator to get some fitness in my life. I have become really sluggish. And my sister-in-law has me jogging as well. WOW I so don’t like jogging, but I am doing it and I am feeling good!
But I wasn’t feeling so fit when I joined my neighbour for a walk up a hill. Oh my goodness, at one point I swore my lungs were going to burst along with my hamstring muscles. hahaha. It was like doing twenty minutes of lunges. That is how steep the hill was. Will I do it again? For sure! once my body recovered from the shock, boy did it feel worth it!
I have a new favorite thing: I am totally enjoying Sudoku. Yes, I know I am late to the game, but hey better late than never. Of course I can only do the very, very easy ones, but with practice who knows.
Laziness and procrastination have taken over my life for the past few days. I find this usually happens when I have things to do. And the list keeps getting longer. Big sigh!! Ok definitely this week.
Both children are taking swimming lessons. My daughter is gaining confidence with the swimming, just don’t ask her to use her arms and please please don’t dunk her. My son on the other hand thinks swimming is cool, once he is safe and dry outside of the pool. Oh but they will be swimmers yet! Mummy is not going to give up!!
Oh by the way does anyone know the number for Super Nanny?!!! My two have decided that it is much cooler to see Mummy rant than it is to listen to her. I have even gotten a book "How to discipline your child without Spanking and Shouting." Hope it works, because I know that they are not deaf, but they never react until both my husband and I have spoken this
 LOUD! and we do not like it.
As you know I  have given up meat for lent! And for some reason it is tough, tough, tough! I have problems eating on a regular basis, so now it even harder now that I have limited what I can eat. But not complaining or anything, it is all part of it!
Oh I bought a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. What a pretty cool tool! It does clean the walls, however I haven’t decided if it cleans it or just activates the paint again and simply paints over the stains.
My brain has been busy with many, many thoughts, but strangely I just haven’t been able to get it together to share.
I am so excited to see some of my old blog friends back and blogging, but I do feel bad that I haven’t been visiting as often as I used to. Time is just slipping away. Does this mean I am getting older. Oh to have the ease of being a teenager again when time seemed never ending and dragging!
Maybe this week would have me being more productive and smiley and just be down right great! Yeah I think so!

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9 thoughts on “I can’t Hula Hoop!!

  1. Hey Gayle, don\’t feel bad about not visiting so much.  I am blogging less often myself because I just have so much other work to do now.  I went to the gym one day week…………and I have just finished eating an entire pint of Haagen Daz mango ice-cream!!  Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?  At least you are exercising…………I am bored with spinning (and my bum hurts from the hard bike seat), and I could hardly summon the motivation to go to the gym.  When I do go, however, I have a good workout.  I cannot blame winter anymore because the weather has been pleasant over here.  I need to get a grip!
    Yay for the kids swimming…………they will get the hang of it soon enough and they will be like fish in the sea.  I cannot wait to go home to go swimming in the big ocean……….I hate swimming in a pool – I feel like I am in a big tub (hahahaha).
    I try sudoku whenever I am on a flight going somewhere, and I am never very successful at them.  I guess I need to start with the easier ones and not the ones in the magazine on the plane.  Then again, I don\’t need another addiction:)
    Take care and have a blessed week!

  2. Good luck and hope you have a great week.

  3. Hi G
    Girl I feel you on feeling sluggish!  Right now I can see and feel the "blubber" around my waist and stomach!  It feels and looks horrible….I can\’t wait for spring to make up its mind and get here quick fast and in a hurry so that I can\’t take my butt up Stone Mountain!!  But I am going back to my "in house" work out and gym as of today!!  IT\’S GOING DOWN!!!  This feels really horrible!!  I\’m tired, latargic, sluggish, slouching, restless, wabbling….just every description for FAT right now!!  Summer is not meeting this here…trust me!!
    abc.com might be helpful for the Super Nanny thingy…..
    Girl, I\’m sure if given a hola hoop I\’ll flunk it just as you did….especially with me in this shape right now!  Ewwwwww!
    Have a great week!

  4. Hey there… I\’m glad to hear you are excercising.  I can\’t wait for it to warm up more so I can get outside with Baylee and get some myself!  🙂
    Hugs – Tiffany

  5. If you learn any tips from the book… PLEASE pass them on! I have the same problem here… especially with my youngest. She\’s so headstrong.. she doesn\’t listen to anything. Drives me crazy…
    Have a good week… procrastination and laziness are sometimes good things!

  6. Good Luck. 🙂 No we don\’t call her Maddie. I don\’t know why, it just doesn\’t fit her I guess, but maybe that\’s because I\’m her momma. Everyone else wants to call her that though. LOL

  7. Good for you for getting some walking time in.  I have started walking as well, but on my treadmill.  It\’s just too cold still to walk outdoors.  And you\’re right – the whole time I\’m walking I wish that I was done, but once I\’m done it feels so good!  I have so much more energy when I get some exercise every day.  Why do I always forget how good it feels?  Hopefully I\’ll keep at it this time.God bless 🙂

  8. Oh what I would give to be there on the beach without a care in the world! Ya just had to tease me with those photos didn\’t you! Even when we go to the beach here on the coast, it doesn\’t look nearly as beautiful as that! Our friends and neighbors just left for Puerto Rico yesterday for 5 days, I am still pouting. Next week is our anniversary and I soooo wish I could go somewhere warm and beautiful. But with our recent bad luck spell, it\’s not gonna happen. May as well have a nice dinner out and rent a movie!
    Wish I was there!

  9. I try sodoku, but I can never seem to finish–I just can\’t make the leap. 
    I have a hoola hoop in my garage–it\’s a great little fitness tool when you don\’t have a giant belly like mine.
    I have not given up meat for lent, but I am finding that I am not eating enough meat.  I am worried that I am going to make myself anemic if I am not careful.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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