Wazhat! Wahzat!

I trust in God!


It hit me in a wave this morning, that every day I wake up and go through the day and I expect that certain things will happen and then when the day is through I go to sleep and expect that I would wake up again. and the reason I expect these things is because I trust in my Lord God.
I trust in the Lord :
That I would awaken every morning.
That there would be clean air for me to breathe.
That my lungs will function so that I can breathe.
That all my limbs and parts would work together and move me from room to room.
That my children, my husband and my self would meet the day healthy.
That my children are protected from evil/danger in ways only God can protect them.
That my parents and sisters are protected from evil/danger in ways only God can protect them.
That even though my father-in-law doesn’t take his medicine God will protect him and keep his arteries safe.
That when I get into the car that I would be safe from accident or harrassment.
That if I give money to the homeless I am still safe and that no one will do me bodily harm.
That my children will come home safe from school
That they would have the best friends to walk with through life.
That there will be food on the table and a roof over our head.
That he would show me the way to provide these things.
That when I go to sleep I will awaken again to start another day.
I trust in my Lord for all Things!!

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7 thoughts on “I trust in God!

  1. Amen!!  Nice one G!  There is no better person to trust in but the Lord!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks a lot Wahzat, for your prayers!!! Zeynep.

  3. Yes G, sometimes we take all these things for granted but they are truly a blessing……..even our faith in God:)  Hope you have a great weekend.  Spring Break is next week…………..wooohhhhoooooo!

  4. This is a GREAT list… very beautiful!

  5. Hi Wahzat! Yes, I feel better with my latest hair cut. There is so many workings about my new house as you know. Thanks a lot for your concern my friend! Have a great day, Zeynep. (ps: I have a new post today.)

  6. Wonderful list. Although I do no believe in god (gasp) and beforeyou say anything, I think that people wh do and have found someone or something like god are blessed. Goig back to your list everything you say, is exactly what we take for granted just as you say.
    Thank you
    Hugs for the weekend

  7. Such encouraging words of faith. Without it, we have no relationship with our Lord, so it\’s good to have a little reminder of how important it is. I always love coming here and seeing what you have posted. I hope you have a wonderful weekend
    lots of love and many blessings to you my friend

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