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My pet peeves!


Okay today is the most glorious day. A lovely cool breeze is blowing and causing all the lovely trees and palms to dance seductively in it’s wake. The blue, blue sky is draped in cotton candy and thoughts of sitting by the pool are very, very real!
So why is it then that all I can think of writing about are my pet peeves.
Oh well as I enjoy the day I will further indulge myself with a vent.
My favorite pet peeves- these are the ones I have been growing, nurturing, petting and grooming. They are in no particular order of importance:
Why can’t everyone respect my personal space.
I think people should be at least a person width from the other at all times. Especially in lines. Why is that I have to be running away from people hitch up under me the grocery line or any line for that matter. Crikey!
(Naturally this excludes friends and family)
4-way stop signs
Why is it that I am the only person in the country that gets the fact that if you reach to the stop sign first then you drive off first. This drives me mad.
If you don’t like people why are you serving people.
Customer service has to be one of my biggest peeves…. or shall I say the lack of it. I absolutely dislike going into a store and feeling as if I am disturbing the sales people. My most favorite story of late is going into a clothing store in my beloved land of Trinidad and having first been ignored and hastily brushed off by one set of clerks I found this woman who seemed available and approachable and asked my question and she before answering my question reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pear, bites into it and then answered my question! No more comments on this peeve.
Why do doctors /dentists have you make an appointment and you still have to sit and wait for over an hour to see them?
I wouldn’t even get started on this!
Older men and much younger women.
This one really ticks me off, and I don’t know why. My father is ten years older than my mother so one would think that I would be cool with the age difference. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for some reason bugs me, I guess when you do the math, he can easily have fathered her (mind you if he had started at 17 or is he 20 years older? hmmm) I have a friend right now whose girlfriend is 17-18 years younger than him and as much as I like her, I can’t stop referring to her as the youngun. And yes yes i know old soul and young souls they mesh etc. To me it is simply peevish.
Don’t second guess me!
I’ll use this as an example : My husband loves to do this. Now I am a graphic designer by profession so one can say that I am intimate with PhotoShop and like applications. Can you believe that he loves to tell me how to design as well as how to use photoshop! Yes he has a creative flair, but he is a financial investor– he deals in stocks and money. SIGH!
But my biggest peeve to date is that I allow myself to be peeved by the things I have listed here today. Sad!!
So what are some of your pet peeves?

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12 thoughts on “My pet peeves!

  1. YES, I always think that way: "If you don\’t like people, why are you serving people"! Have a great week, Zeynep.

  2. We dont have 4 way stop signs but have encountered them when driving in Canada. What are they all about? Get yourself sets of traffic lights far easier. lol
    Another wonderful entry. Always a joy to visit the sunshine space.

  3. Hi G!  My biggest pet peeve is people who send me \’forwards\’.  It drives me absolutely crazy!  I don\’t care how funny it is, don\’t forward it to me.  This especially bugs me when it is from people who never email to say hello and find out how you are doing.  All they do is forward junk!  One time I had to send a general email to everyone asking them to take me off their list……..some were not impressed with me, but I didn\’t care:)  Another pet peeve is drivers who do not indicate when they are turning.  Grrrrrrr!  It drives me bonkers as well!  Anyway, let me not get on a roll here (hahahaha).  Have a great week!

  4. Great list!
    (not even going to address the doctor/dentist one at all – because I TOTALLY agree, for the most part!)  :o)

  5. Hehehehe…..hi G!
    The weather here has been awesome within recent days also…but I understand we have one more cold front to come in before spring actually stays it course!
    My thing with the peeve on drivers at a four way sign is that idiots should stay off the streets PERIOD!!!!  On the older men, younger women thingy….I\’m scared to go there, because you know about me a older men being attracted to me.  But I ain\’t trying to go "grand daddy" old now!!! LOL…. However, beau is one year younger than I am!  The doctors part…I think they just like to feel important!
    Oh well, have a great week!

  6. The customer service one is a big one in my book too! I think in annoys everyone. 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  7. i enjoyed this list…and agree…what is with people not getting a four way stop???
    :o) smiles are contagious…so pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  8. Hey…
    Ummm, sorry about my space being a little spastic today… guess it was having a tempermental day like ME! But, if it made you laugh.. that\’s a good thing, huh?
    Take care,

  9. Great cricket game yesterday!  Now if West Indies could only continue like that………..

  10. LOL!  My pet peeves are very similar! 

  11. Hello –
    Mine is people tailgating…I am not going to go faster because you are in a hurry 😉
    I would love to be at that beach right now, it is 33 and going to snow tonight I heard.

  12. Hi!What a delightful blog page!  My significant other used to be in graphic design.  He is an accomplished artist…some of his paintings and drawings on my blog page….come visit it sometime!.  Have an awesome day!!!Gaylene

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