Wazhat! Wahzat!

Sometimes we got to run away!!


Sometimes I want to run away, run away!!!
This is part of a song right?! I can’t get it out of my head. I guess I am feeling overwhelmed, I need a break. So this leads me to thinking if I could ‘run away’ where would I go. Hmmmm!
  1. I have always wanted to go the the Greek Islands those houses along the water look so breath-taking and calming.
  2. After seeing the movie ‘Under the Tuscany Sun’, I have been dreaming about going to Tuscany. It just looked gorgeous in that movie.
  3. Any of the Hawaiian islands would be another option. I am a sucker for sand, sea and mountains. Can you imagine hills made from lava. Awesome.
  4. And this should come as a surprise considering my distaste and dislike for the cold- I really would love to visit Alaska. And I know it all has to do with the hit shows that have been based there… namely Northern Exposure and Men in Trees. There is something very romantic about how they portray the place. Oh and it seems very quirky and I like quirky.
  5. And maybe New Orleans or Mississipi.
  6. Oh I have always wanted to visit the places that Van Gogh, Renoir, Georgia O’Keefe have painted.
  7. After reading about the samurais I have always wanted to visit Japan… not the commercial city side, but the country side.
  8. Going walk about in Australia and spotting a koala or kangaroo in action.

All perfectly great options. I feel calmer already.

So where will you go?!


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Sometimes we got to run away!!

  1. Girl, we all go through the feeling of being overwhelmed at times for whatever reason. And yes, it most certainly makes us want to just RUN AWAY!! FAR FAR AWAY!!
    Those destinations do sound really great to me right now!
    Have a great weekend…and please take it easy!

  2. Do you have enough space for me to answer this:)?  I want to go to South Africa, Israel, Costa Rica, Chile (I love their wines), Croatia (the Dalmatian Coast), most of the countries in Europe as well.  I would like to take an Alaskan cruise someday soon.  After my cruise almost 5 years ago, I have found out that I love cruising.  Oh yeah, I would like to go to Cuba…….and I want to go before Fidel dies…….just want to say that I went while he was still there.  Oh Gayle, I am swamped with work…….why do you have me thinking of places I am dying to go:)  Please shoot me!  I am feeling overwhelmed myself (sigh).  Wish I was in the stands somewhere watching cricket and having a beer.  Can I say shoot me again.  Okay, I had better go.  Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I am in dreamer world because I cannot even walk to the store right now as I go into Rehab with my broken leg but I can wish!!!  The Virgin Islands, then Rome and Japan.  I always enjoy your photos because it gives me some calm.

  4. I would love to go back to Kenya. Or go back and work in Germany. Visit Paris again and sit amongst the street artists. But I cant think of anywhere better than Scotland. Which is extremely handy for me huh? lol.
    Be safe my sprinting friend.

  5. Hi we just dropped by from another site,hope you dont mind,we enjoyed your site and will pop by now and then to see whats new,we have travelled a bit but we always say theres no place like home,we live next to the beach,with beautiful countryside and mountains near by,Scotland for us every time,hope you have a great weekend,cheers Maida & George

  6. Oh, please take me with you!

  7. All of those sound great to me.  Thanks for the ideas!!

  8. Yes, that is part of a song.
    Oh, I saw that movie "Under the Tuscany Sun"….it was a great movie and gorgeous scenery.  All the places you mentioned sound so exotic; but, you left out Canada…..we have some breathtaking, beautiful country here.

  9. It\’s kinda funny that you live in a sunny place with the ocean and everything, and you want to run away to another sunny place with an ocean (except for Alaska).. hehe. You don\’t want to come to Montreal? We\’re in the middle of a snow storm right now. Doesn\’t that make you want to pack up and come up as soon as possible? hehe.
    as for the circus thing, Cirque du Soleil is one of the good ones, it\’s any circus that has animals that are bad and should be boycotted.

  10. Sometimes I too, I too!.. Happy St. Patrick\’s Day Wahzat!!! Zeynep.

  11. Unfortunately and sadly, a lot of people are labouring under the mistaken belief that all of Canada is covered with snow and ice…that we live in igloos, ride dog sleds and wear snowshoes…lol….NOT TRUE!!  In fact, where I live, we have beautiful weather all year long….we very, very seldom get any snow here and we can boast that we have an average of 265 frost-free days every year.  We are the envy of our whole country every year in February when we do our flower count….it\’s always in the billions….in FEBRUARY!!  It\’s beautiful here, with the mountains and the ocean.  You can travel for just an hour and go skiing, then travel and hour back the other way and go kayaking.  There were no truer words ever spoken than when you hear~~BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA~~~lol~~~~I just had to come by and brag.

  12. I\’ve always wanted to go to Greece.  Have you been to France?  The museums alone are worth the trip–not to mention the scenery.  And New Orleans?  Well, that\’s home, and I\’d recommend it to anyone–there isn\’t another American city like it (that I\’ve seen).

  13. I\’d like to go to all the places you mentioned… plus many, many more! I love to travel…
    Somedays I dream of running away too… usually envisioning a white beach, blue water and a big ole\’ sunny sky overhead. The other places would be nice, but when I need "calming" – I think "ocean".

  14. G.
    Do have room in your suitcase for me? I also would love to go to all the places you have named and also to Israel. My oldest son was in Israel when he was in the service and he said it is beautiful….
    What a holiday it would be to just go roaming the globe and experiencing other cultures and admiring the beauty of it all.
    God bless you my friend and I hope that you are able to take that holiday soon…~HUGS~Marilyn~

  15. They all sound great to me, and I want to run away alot of time recently. I just use books to take me far away from my "situations". I have been so busy here at home. Geez, who knew that even if you are at home, the work NEVER ends!! I musta forgot that in the last 5 years. Needless to say, this part time job I am seeking, needs to hurry on!
    Hope you are having a good week!

  16. All those places sound wonderful…..and plenty of them! LOL It\’s funny how we can read a story or watch a movie/show about a particular place and then want to go there. I do it all the time! 🙂 But it\’s good to be that open minded and varied in what we like.
    I also loved the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" and even tho I don\’t really care about going to Italy, I would love to go there….does that make any sense?
    But before I go anywhere else I WILL go to Scotland/Ireland…..it is my mission in life! Ha!
    Have a great week,

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