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In a quest to declutter!


My husband turned my house upside down this weekend, in a quest to free our space from dust and clutter. It is amazing what you find once the house has been shaken up a bit! I found bits of pieces that though forgotten could never be disposed of. So, I am a pack rat!  I find sentimental value in items that most people would perceive as junk, my husband is the same, but he is always ready to get rid of my stuff.
Sorting through the clutter I was once again reaquainted with many cool things.
  • pictures of old friends… Oh I miss them all.
  • pictures of my sisters… wow when were we ever so small.
  • my teddy bear collection- My brown bear is at least 20 years old and sorry will be with me until it is tattered.. ok share with my daughter.
  • cards from graduation, wedding, births of both children, christmas and birthday. WOW
  • my painting collections- Hey I am not that bad.
  • A stack of love letters… yes loveletters I didn’t know that I was ever so mushy much less for my husband HAHA well we sure were very mushy. We must have been going through a phase. Ok so they were actually email exchanges that I printed off.
  • A whole stack of comps and pictures of me. I fancied myself a model for a minute. I did actually throw away a good batch of those.
  • Some of my favourite books- "Like Water for Chocolate", "Ishmael", "The Colour Purple" (I had forgotten that i had this book for sure), "Georgia O’Keefe".
  • Oh and 5 unopened, never used boxes of crystal goblets, wine glasses etc. that we received as wedding gifts. Who knew that they would never be used, but you never know there is still time.

We need to do this more often I totally enjoyed this trip down memory lane. So since none these items would be ending up in a garbage pail or a donation pile anytime soon I guess I’ll be looking into some storage containers.


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16 thoughts on “In a quest to declutter!

  1. Oh my what we women call sentimental A.k.A JUNK!!   I too find myself cleaning at times to de clutter and still saying okay, let me just keep this or that for another two months "just in case"…..just in case of what?  Danm it, throw the junk away!!  LOL  After we find whatever it is at that moment, guess what?  We look at it and say "oh I was wondering where this went too", and then we put it down never to be found again…..yeah, as I said before, get rid of the junk!!  Lighten up your life!
    Have a yard sale or take it to the salvation army…..lol
    The love letters…..ammmmm, put those under the mattress for a few more months then dump them too….lol just kidding!
    Girl, you asked about my "junk man" you didn\’t read the update, it\’s right there!
    Enjoy the rest of the week, spring is finally here!!! 

  2. Hi Gayle!  I am not a pack rat at all.  I read cards and dump them straight away (am I bad?).  I take clothes to Mission Arlington if they have not been used in 6 months.  I have the bare minimum in my apt. because I hate junk lying around.  As far as I am concerned, all I need is a king-sized bed, a proper home theatre system (of course), and those crystal glasses you have for my red wine.  I love art as well so a few great pieces adorning the walls and I am fine.  I stayed in Canada for 6 years and when I left, all I had were two suitcases……..I plan to do the same when I leave Texas:)
    I am with you on most students not being mentally ready for college.  \’A\’ Levels helped me a whole lot as well, and it made the whole thing so much easier.  Some students are just not focused enough, and they end up wasting a lot of time and money.  Take care and hope the kids are well.

  3. Okay, I must fess up I have boxes and boxes of love letter and cards, old journals and special papers I have saved for over 10 years…and I can\’t bring myself to part with them…not yet anyway, buyt like you very wisely said, you never know, there is still time!

  4. Well, like I told Sherry, that was not a normal thing. That party was actually the first time the guys had seen him drink at all I think. You know how all the drunks always want to see the "good guy" get wasted. I\’m sure they were probably disappointed. He had a few drinks but didn\’t act any different than he normally does. Thank God he didn\’t act like those weirdos! LOL He has become close to a few of these guys, and he\’s never really made male friends before (yeah, he\’s pretty much just hung out with ME for 18 years. lol). I think it\’s great, but eventually he\’ll be going somewhere else. Once he becomes a chaplain, we can put in for wherever we want to go since they are short on chaplains everywhere. I know he will miss these guys. Normally, he\’s known as the guy everybody talks to when they have problems, and the guy to discuss theology and questions they have about the Bible. Nobody is surprised he wants to be a chaplain. 🙂

  5. Good for you for decluttering!  It\’s always an adventure!  I need to do some of that around here….God bless 🙂

  6. I\’m so glad that someone else packs the little stuff like this away…and then refuses to part with it even later!  That is totally me…which, of course, drives my husband bonkers.  When I used to clean my room out as a child it would take ALL day because I would have to reminisce over EVERY little thing I came across!

  7. Well, it was a noble effort on your part.
    My husband always takes those initatives too,
    it always starts with something like
    "Honey, we need to "organize" the office….that\’s when i tune out.
    he knows i hate that word
    LOLthe trips down memory lane are always fun.
    junk ain\’t so bad
    as long it\’s organized, right?

  8. Well I say open those crystal wine glass boxes and USE THEM.  Don\’t wait for "special" occasions or guests to come.  YOU are special enough!  Even water tastes so much better in crystal stemware!  And so what if they break.  You can always get replacements.
    You can get rid of some things, but a childhood teddy bear will always be a treasure. 🙂
    Happy Spring Cleaning!
    Hug hugs,
    Barb 🙂
    And thanks for the compliment on my \’maybe someday in the future to be published\’ photography book 🙂

  9. Hi Gayle, my Antiguan friends were hoping West Indies would be playing down there after Jamaica, but since they will be first in group D, they will be playing in Guyana and Grenada.  It should be very very interesting after the first round.  There is one semi-final in St. Lucia and I could just imagine the action if WI is in it.  Let\’s hope they are.

  10. I shudder to think about the dreadded decluttering process. lol Has your rain let up yet? We had snow last night and this morning but the sun is shining now, thank God!

  11. When I moved to Antigua, I had never been to a cricket match and everyone looked at me like I was from Mars.  You cannot live in Antigua and not go to a cricket match when everyone else is at the stadium eating and drinking.  Let\’s just say that I started taking vacation during cricket so I could have gone everyday.  I did more drinking than watch cricket but the lime was real real good.  I think that\’s what I miss most about Antigua.  I will be getting to St. Lucia after the World Cup is over so I will not be able to attend any of the matches (sigh).  I will be there in time for the Jazz Fest, though, and I have already secured a VIP pass for the John Legend concert……….wooohhhhhoooooo!!!  Now if I could only have this level of excitement where my dissertation is concerned (sigh)…………..Enjoy the weekend!

  12. I didn\’t think I was a pack rat until just very recently.  We started going through some closets and drawers…and omgosh…we have stacks and stacks of papers, books, pictures…we are going to try to do one room at a time.  I do look forward to finding memories…that always makes me smile.

  13. Never give up any of these types of memories….they are all parts of your life, even the bad parts need to be kept to remember that you went forward from them.
    It is these types of things that those pretty, stackable storage boxes were made for! LOL

  14. I have a hard time throwing things away.  I have a box with about 30 letters that my grandmother wrote to my mom, and I just can\’t throw them away!!  It just seems callous and uncaring to throw them out.  With Conors clothes I save a few favorites and then donate the rest to SafeNest.  It\’s a charity for abused women and children.  We donated his crib and stuff too  Cards and stuff I save a few but not all of them.  I\’m a bit of a pack rat, but I\’m not too bad.  But my books…..don\’t touch my books, I won\’t give them up.  My dream home has a room lined with shelves that are full of books!!  🙂

  15. I have moved between 15 and 20 times in the past 5 years… i\’ve learned to throw things away and major cleanups happen regularly, mostly due to moving…lol.

  16. Thanks for stopping by!  I\’d love to be on your \’list\’.  Thank you:)
    I asked my co-worker why she didn\’t let the poor girl put some clothes on.  Her answer…\’I found her naked, I delivered her naked.\’  Well, I guess you can\’t argue with that!  I also found out that when she did drop her off, her parent\’s had guests over and didn\’t want to let the girl in the house for everyone to see.  So, my co-worker just got back in her car and left them all standing on the porch trying to figure out what to do.  Needless to say, this co-worker is a real pistol!  Have a great day!  -T

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